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The fastest place to do a victim impact panel online.
Customer Testimonials
i just thank god i did not hurt anybody..it makes you realize how stupid it is to get behind the wheel even after just one drink .I would highly recommend this program
D. Desumma
I appreciated the fact that I could actually see the panel from my home state. It was a great program!
S. Warren
This panel has made me see the drastic affects that not only reckless driving but driving while under the influence has on innocent lives.
B. Sutherland
This service was very powerful. Seeing that driving drunk effects people all over the country not just Illinois was a great way to put things in perspective.
C. Peterman
I think this program is very helpful, educating, and thought provoking... Thank you.
N. De Los Reyes
Awesome course recommend this one before the courses in my city
D. Nadeau
Very helpful.
G. Caviness
Quick yet informative.
R. Pilcher
Very eye opening!
K. Schwarting
thank you for all your help and support.
K. Fonseca
I hope that I never need to recommend it but yes I would if need be. I am very ashamed of myself and did not want to go to a class. This also worked with my schedule.
A. Morris
L. Glass
I really enjoyed the videos. It gave me a inside look on what I would have been facing if i was in a bad situation.
S. Miller
It was excellent and very informative.
D. Suarez Jr.
Very effective
R. Smith
J. Dias
Thanks so much for the convenience. Very moving and highly recommended.
K. Geraghty
It was what i thought an impact panel would be. I liked that i could do it online whenever i had the time off work to sit down and do it, insted of missing work to do it on a set date.
A. Mollica
This is a great way to reach people who have had their liscense suspended or revoked and have no way of getting to a live impact panel. Very educational and enlightening.
R. Cook
I have new respect for victims now.
C. Powell
Very convienant and impacting.
A. Vandusen
very eye opening!! I will never drink and drive again!!
E. Fakes
I thank you for your services and appreciate your time and hard work. I also learned a lot from this. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you
S. Vaughn
this has changed lives of many and mine as well. i dedicate this program to make better life decisions and recommend this for those who want to live the better life.
J. Perez
I think i got more out of these video's than i did the dui classes thank you
V. Shaffer
the service provided greatly enhances my awareness of how I could affect others, and i highly recommend this online service. the stories are real and remind us of how we can affect others in a positive way if we so choose. than you
G. Swan
everything was great
K. Irwin
myself and my wife both have received Dui's in the last year and this Victim Impact course has helped us open our minds that we had risked so much over drinking and driving..
M. Howard
Very informative and scary.
A. Edwards
Good way to understand the affects on victims and their families!
K. Burttschell
I appreciated being able to complete my victim panel on line, as there are none close and with the price of gas and not being able to drive right now it would've been diffiult for me to fulfill my requirement.
L. Ciarlo
Yes very informative, Thanks.
D. Sencenbaugh
I understand the impact that drinking and driving has on so many people from all walks of life. The stories really hit home.
S. Rosol
Very informative.
G. Griffin
Your program is very informative and touching. I never knew how much drinking and driving could affect someones' life.
K. Lowry
It very important and helpful.
T. Nillert
Well put together. Thank You.
K. Joly
I found this video to be both heart wrenching, and sadly informative. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. As a member of the community I'll need to really think about how my choices can affect the rest of the community. Thank you and I would definitely recommend this course to others.
C. Watters
great service
K. Nickles
Thanks for this opportunity to learn about the consequences of driving under the influence. Being made aware of the damage caused to others by choosing to break the law is very important to reducing these incidents.
G. Taggart
very informative
G. Martin
I thought it was very good, made me think a lot about what has happened.
S. Mcmains
I was touched by the stories that people told and I will never drink and drive.
C. Bell
i highly recommend this site for victim impact panel, yes it was convenient but the stories of the victims impacted me deeply. I made a mistake once and had already changed who i was at the time, but this was just what i needed to help keep me on the path that i am on.. -godbless
J. Cannon
It was a an expierence never to forget.
D. Carmona
A very good impact panel that everyone who has driven after drinking should always listen too.
A. Woodward
Tkaing the online VIP was a very i opening experience and would recommend it to anyone.
A. Price
This was very convenient and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to take care of their VIP.
C. Hess
thank you
N. Yannello
This was a very helpful, powerful way to understand the impact I could have had as a drunk driver.
R. Lubitz
quick and informative
D. Holbrook
learned alot feel more knowledgable of dwi and dui. will always think carfully and contiune to look out for friends
V. Kourkounakis
it was okay
Z. Peele
this was incredibly moving! and to think this happens to people all the time, so many people we never think about, their lives are forever ruined by our stupidity & thoughtlessness. it makes me cry. thank you for this
L. Williams
It was very informative concerning the impact that drunk drivers can have on their victims.
T. Sulak
they're very informative
E. Leyva
It's was very sad and touching. I will definitely share with others in the class I have to attend.
M. Campbell
After watching this presentation, it actually brought me to tears, I have never been more compelled to stop drinking and driving, even if it's only one drink. No one deserves to go through this kind of pain and agony, no one.
M. Salata
it was very educational. i have learned a lot from this
E. Petoia
definitely believe this course works...
R. Snyder
Very informative!! I will never drink and drive again.
C. Hunter
Very informative and moving, I will definitely use this as motivation to not drink and drive.
C. Ryznar
I would definitely recommend this course
J. Bass
The panel was very informational and sad, I cant believe how just one drink can alter everyone's lives, but now I do... I will never drink and drive again
Z. Wooten
This was a true eye opener. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. You have changed my life and my decisions.
H. Moore
very informative very sad to see what we do to innocent families
L. Richardson
it was very educational..
J. Paredes
It wasn't bad at all
C. Barden
Very convenient..had great customer service
J. Bremer
It was great. Very informative!
W. Barnett
I think that there were a lot of people with knowledge of the aftermath of drunk driving and from every end of it. It definitely mad an impact.
A. Austin
This program leaves and impressionable impact on what can happen when drinking and driving even after only one glass of wine.
K. Migliaccio
It is very intense and makes you think twice before putting peoples lives at risk. It is also convenient to do online considering most of us don't have a license to drive to a local VIP. I just hope the online version is accepted by DPS as well as courts.
J. Orf
this program is very educational. I would recommend this to others. this program is an eye opener.
C. Driscoll
i think this is a very important program should be used everywhere if it already isn't
J. Singleterry
Heartbreaking to the point that I will never engage in irresponsible driving again
R. Maher
L. Garvey
due to the fact that i wasent able to drive this course really saved me from asking someone to drive me also i didnt have to miss work .thankyou so much!
C. Rogers
Very powerful
A. Miller
G. Jenkins
This was great information
K. Oakland
I think the presentations hit close to home. I recently lost a family member to a drunk driver. two weeks ago actually. Its good to educate offenders to the possible consequences of drunk driving and I agree that it should be a mandatory course following a conviction
J. Knott
very moving and a wake up calling seeing and hearing stories about people and families that have gone threw such tragidies dew to drunk drivers. I would highly recommend this program to other people.
L. Kader
That was incredibly moving.....If that doesn't wake you up...you have no pulse...
R. Maylin
Very helpfull
C. Hurst
This saved me a lot of time and kept me from being at risk of losing my job.
J. Bahro
I learned a lot from this, not only am i affected but the families that could of been affected as well. Not only am i putting my life in danger, but also the lives and families that were driving that night. I think every driver should view these videos, it put everything into perspective. i know for sure that i will never drink and drive again.
A. Magana
It was very informative, and made me think about my decisions and actions in a new way. I appreciate being able to complete this without having to miss work.
J. Mask
This was very enlighten and a great learning experience. I watched it several times.
Q. Jones
yes I would recommend this to everyone!!! thank you very much !!!
M. Oshel
it was quick convenient and easy.
T. Thorpe-bucklew
Highlt recommend this Impact Panel!!!!
S. Whatley
i would definitely recommend your program. its thorough and really makes you think of the severity of driving drunk
B. Lyman Jones
Its was a eye opening course.
O. Green
Real life experiences very eye opening
S. Baker
This information was very helpful and teaches people alot about driving drunk. thank you
K. Pederson
I found the videos to be very informative and really show the effects drunk drivers have on innocent people. Anyone who watches these videos should never ever drink and drive again.
D. Eyring
This Online Impact Panel helped me effectively complete my court ordered VIP but more importantly it made me truly think about what the effects of drinking and driving are. I hope that this helps other people to truly understand just how serious drunk driving is and what can and will happen if we continue to drink and drive.
D. Bletso
Very Informative, well rounded speakers, variety of scenarios, different point of views
P. Preston
Awesome! Thanks
M. Love
The class was an eye opener and very informative yes i would recommend it.
J. Fedrow
I appreciate being able to complete online.
M. Brockman
Great.....would recommend to others
S. Watkins
it was good and infomitive
S. Poore
I thought it was a great course. My cousin died on the lake from a drunk boater about 10 years ago. It brought back a lot of memories or the horrer my family and i went through because of one person. The person didnt even spend one night in jail due to the fact of money and who is family was. I will never drink and drive again
B. Dyer
I believe that this course should be mandatory in every state before receiving a driver's license. The impact of drinking and driving, drugging and driving or texting and driving is insurmountable. We need to take action to protect our families and children on both sides of the situation. Thank you.
S. Darnell
this program was very educational.it definitely will give you a different perspective on drinking driving and the effects on innocent people and how it will change thier lives as well as yours.
J. Newton
the website was simple and easy to use and made things possible for me being an active duty highly deployed military member.
J. Klaus
very good
H. Tarango
I really recieved a wake up call with this victim impact panel. This class should be given not just to those who have to take the class but as a wake up before you decide to drink and drive.
S. Simmons
Great Course
A. Keck
This online victims panel was a great learning experience,yes I will recommend it.
L. Thomas
It was a great course and I would recommend it to others.
M. Latta
Very helpful and convenient
L. De La Vega
Very informative and eye opening
T. Roed
very informative,my actions affect other people besides my self,
K. Gregory
I see the world differently now i will never drive under the influence again and if i see some one about to make that mistake i would stop them
T. Jacobs
It was very informative and your doing a very good service for both education and convenience purposes.
D. Macready
Helped me out a bunch! Thank you!
L. Anjaz
I woul recommend this to other people
T. Mestek
The victims in that participated on the video were able to effectively paint a picture from a different perspective for a DUI offender.
B. Smith
I find it overwhelmingly sobering and thought provoking. Excellent!
C. Lile
This course was very beneficial. The stories really hit home and made me really realize the affects that my decision could have on many other innocent people.
J. Siler
Thank you for the insight, truly sobering.
B. Oates
i learned lots. it was very helpful.
M. Ellison
it was very informative and allowed me to see things from the other side and how my actions can a persons life forever. and having a child myself i wouldnt to be at fault for taking her life cause my stupidity. thank you very much it brought tears to my eyes i needed that.
J. Mcguire
This course is a true eye opener. Thank you for the help.
G. Bakken
eye opening
K. Lyman
Very insightful. I cried for a couple of the participants because I fear that could have been me. I think everyone who is issued a driver's lisence should have to take this class.
E. Shepherd
Great Course
C. Mcintosh
yes I would definitely recommend this to friends and family it is very import to get this information to people. I was profoundly effected by this program and I will never drink and drive again it is certainly not worth it
S. Wiley
very informative. some of the things covered really hit home for me!
J. Halbert
Very effective & life changing. Yes, I would recommend this to others.
E. Kapsner
This was easy to watch and take more serious from home because it was quieter and at my own pace.
J. Madison
The Impact Panel is an extremely personal and profound way to educate individuals about the consequences of drinking, even the smallest amount, and getting behind the wheel.
H. Hoffman
do not drink and drive. so many people are involved when you are in an accident. i could not imagine loosing a child because of a drunk driver or any other way. so think and plan befor you drink or do drugs.
T. Bonfiglio
Great learned a lot
B. Bess
I think anyone who drinks and drives needs to view these videos. It is hard to make make correct choices without understanding the consequences of those choices. Far too often we are not informed until it is too late. Thanks to all those who put this together and take time out of there lives to make this possible.
B. Kline
what a wonderful course! it truly helped me understand the consequence of endangering others in having just one drink and getting behind the wheel.
S. Goulooze
Very much appreciated I was able to complete course on line. Very sad stories. They will forever resonate with me. Thanks
J. Oppenheim
Thanks it was a stark look into reality.
S. Wells
they were awesome and really make you stop and think
M. Schrecengost-mitchell
it was very inliting and it was more convant.
R. Nolton
This program really makes you see the effects of drinking and driving from another point of view. It is eye opening.
C. Haraf
Very difficult to listen too. Very Impactful as to how our actions impact others. Really difficult!
B. Stone
I would recommend this to the 90% that don't get caught. Thanks to the Panel for putting it together
G. Beach
Easy to use
A. Harper
I would recommend this panel to anyone who is thinking about drinking and driving
M. Happ
Thank you for allowing me to do this online i work nights and getting to a local vip is almost impossible...i have 11 months clean and sober and this was the last little bit of my court requirments thank you for taking the tyme too put this together god bless you and have a great day
J. Valdes
This course was very rewarding. It has taught me that driving drunk not only affects my life but the lives of innocent people as well
T. Cox
This was my first offense,, And never again will I be so STUPID !! THANK GOD ! No one was hurt!!
J. Stiles
I really liked the life experiences. I liked that i could do it at home with out the distraction in i could actually pay attention. it wes great thanks for the help.
C. Henderson
Yes it a was very interesting.
M. Thornton
This was definitely an eye opening experience.
C. Robinson-thompson
The Online victims panel was very intense. Really emphasizes how destructive a drunk driver can be to innocent bystanders. Very helpful!
C. Webster
I thought that this course was very informational and definitely left an impression on me and on how some of the actions I was doing not only harmed me, that wasn't the point; the point was that I was doing things that put other people into harm and when I realized that it really hit home.
J. Vander Tuig
Its awful to see so much tragedy and death caused by driving under the influence. I think this is a very informative and intelligent way to show and expose the damage one can cause by getting behind the wheel intoxicated.
B. Smith
It will make a difference in my life.
L. Davidson
The stories are highly moving and really touch you. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone.
B. Downing
Yes I would recommend you to others! The experiance has changed the way I think about my acction and will remind other of my poor choices and hope they make the best desion.
N. Carper
Yes, I would recommend this to others. The information and the speakers were very moving and persuasive.
M. Burton
Having moved out of state, this was very helpful
K. Yancey
Yes it was helpfull
A. Kelly
Pretty informative.
R. Dilley
very informative and i can guarantee i wont drive drunk again EVER!!!!!!!
J. Daniels
Was surprised about the program
T. Fling
This course is very eye opening. The convenience of it is great. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever driven drunk. Whether they have gotten caught or not.
Z. Cole
Yes i really injoyed doing it on line i didnt have to get a babysiter and i could pay close attention thanks
J. Yeager
The panel was very effective. I thought that the stories from people who had lost children or had been paralyzed or had had their quality of life were more meaningful and sincere than John's hyperbole at the beginning.
T. Kane
Great service, makes one stop and think. Im glad i quit drinking over a year ago, and thank god i never hurt any one
R. Crawford
Very effective. Appreciate the conveniance!
T. Sligar
This is a very well put together organizational program. Some up to date new unfortunate stories on here would be good also. I learned alot from this program. Thank you.
E. Sanford
I thought it was well put together and got the message across. Thank you
K. Beller
The stories in this panel were very tragic, yet moving at the same time. They put into perspective the consequences people can possibly have to live with if they make the wrong decisions.
D. Curry
This was a great course and a great tool for those willing to stop drinking
R. Haugen
Good videos
T. Sanamo
The course is very insightful. you will likely not drink and drive after watching and listening to the pain.
W. Bennett
I would highly reccomend this to my peers.
L. Hatinen
The online victim panel did a good job of showing the effects drunk driving can have.
V. Howard
Thank you!
H. Eubanks
Very helpful to hear stories from the other side. Being aware of what your irresponsible actions could do to the lives of other innocent people
M. Zwick
This is really a great course i have learned a lot thank you
R. Harvey
It definitely left an impact on me! i believe everyone should be able to experience this program!
A. Fisten
Awesome and convenient
T. Parkinson
Very informational, never again drink and drive not worth it.
L. Johnson
Very educational and convenient method of testing.
S. Gill
That was easy.
R. Redwine
Well put together. Thank you.
M. Brock
It was a real eye opener and I am going to use this information to prevent many possible DUI's by discussing these events with family and friends. Thank you..
J. Bigelow
First time taking this kind of class. My way of thinking about drinking and driving has changed. All I could think about was my mom and sisters.
S. Pina
The service helps out greatly and I would deff recommend to others but I hope I don't ever have to do that.
C. Niezurawski
J. Jessup
The class was very informative and interesting. Makes you think twice before drinking and driving.
C. Stacy
Nothing is worth drinking and driving. Nothing.
T. Smith
yes, the program was very helpful and very informational and i learned a lot.
K. Cope
Great service and easy to complete.
K. Miller
Thank you I am sorry! I will never drink and drive again. So help me God
D. Gottshalk
yes I do recommend to others
C. Belt
After this program I learned that I should think before I make decisions and not just do it cause it really does effect people. It also made me learn that not to listen to other people just make your own decisions and to make the right ones. Definitely recommend this to others.
I. Khan
Valuable program and service. Thank you
M. Douglas
This was very informational thank u for your time and effort to put this together.
J. Hawley
Never really have thought about the victims families and life long consequences drunk drivers have left families. I'll NEVER drink and drive again, nor let my friends. Life is to short and valuable.
C. Harms
You Have a great program, very Sad Stories, watching the videos made me realize how many people can be affected by one persons' bad choice.
J. Sickler
As long as you take the videos seriously this will help you to learn from your mistake.
J. Clark
Really hits home! About how peoples lives are effected, even if you think you are ok.
R. Bhakta
Wonderful online course.
M. Montadas
This was a very "eye-opening" experience. It was not what I was expecting at all. I appreciate each and every volunteer that has given their time and story. I for one will not be driving after drinking any amount of alcohol nor other substances. Thank you all.
G. Thompson
It makes you better understand the effects your actions can have on others.
M. Berry
Makes you think about your responsibility to others rather than what your own problems
M. Knight
I was skeptical at first that the questions wouldn't justify the videos, but I found them to ask thorough questions about details from the videos. The only way to properly answer these questions were to be if the individual paid attention. The program was well thought through, and helped.
M. Wasik
Very available and easy
B. Crain
It was informative information, and as long as I get credit for this Victim Impact Panel I would recommend this to others.
P. Hood
Convenient, yet life changing!
Z. Hamid
this course was extremely informative as well as shocking to say the least. i had no idea, or rather had nothing so real shown to me that explained the damages that driving under the influence could cause even if the substances, whether minimal or average amounts, could be so damaging and have an unimaginable impact on everyone around them and not just the operator of a vehicle.
K. Converse-bridgette
Great information liked it alot. Made me understand how drinking is a risk and how it effects others.
J. Jensen
very powerful and informitive
B. Knoll
Very Informative. I would recommend this course to others. It was easy. I will not drink and drive ever again. I will gladly volunteer in my Community on the Impact Panel and let others know. Drinking, Drugs & Driving. is (DDD) Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.. Thank You.
M. Taylor
This class was very educational with out a doubt and yes I do recommend it to others.
J. Upchurch
Was very touching.
J. Cotton
this program is great i leand a lot i would like to tell pepole about this program and ill never drink and drive
R. Beaudette
T. Parham
Good program, I would recommend to others
R. Rea
it made me realize how wrong i was. yes i will recommed this coarse
R. Hill
This course is very informative and enlightening.
E. Mirich
I would highly recommend this service to others in my situation, especially because of the difficulty of scheduling VIP appointments at the courthouse because of the limited availability. I found it informative and I feel that the intended effect of the VIP program was thoroughly achieved. I did feel, however, that the questions on the quiz fixated on minor and irrelevant details, and did not particularly aid in achieving the intended effects of the program.
D. Slater
I think it is very sobering to hear what happens to other people or what could potentially happen to you or your family. I prefer online to classroom.
A. Hill
Very informational, learned the consequences of my actions.rn
J. Gillyard
Really good stories. Made me think alot!
R. Ramos
It makes you see and think about what will happen... It brought tears to my eyes and was so disturbing I could hardly answer the questions... I think everybody should have to watch this..
M. Webster
Great course, I would recomend it, it really makes you think about the lives of others.
C. Dudley
This course was very educational and a real eye-opener! I do not condone drinking and driving either! I felt so very sad for the speakers in this course whose lives were impacted by drunk drivers! I wish everyone would take some kind of an impact panel course, perhaps taught through high school to help educate and prevent drinking/drugging and driving...
R. Olson
it was alright but I will never drink and drive again
J. Jones
Very touching and saddens me to think i might have caused someone or myself or family the grief and loss these people have
J. Campbell
This was a very in depth look at how driving under the influence effects me and everyone else. I really am scared to drive in this city. People abuse our streets, I would rather not have to drive but I want to be independent! I promise to always drive safely!
J. Garsenstein
I would recommend this video to anyone. Seeing the experiences these people went through is troubling to say the least. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, or the be in the shoes of someone who caused that pain to a loved one OR a stranger
A. Anderson
It is very effective and educational.
M. Nguyen
Huge eye opener to the life altering effects on yourself & others caused by drinking & driving
N. Davis
holly somkes. This is good but we all sood no thise to.
B. Gager
I think this was amazing program & I appreciate the time and effort that was put into this.
J. Jennison
The panel really opened up to my eyes to just how much drink and driving affects the lives of others.
A. Johnson
I think that the impact panel was very informative and gave the side that nobody realizes. My decision to drive under the influence was a mistake and could have hurt someone or even caused a death. i would recommend this program to others so that they can realize what can happen due to a wrong decision with alcohol.
C. Kane
Great way for someone who doesnt live anywhere near a state sponsored panel.
C. Bailey
I felt the videos were very informative and effective. The questions on the quiz were specific enough that I had to listen to the videos to know the answers
J. Hughes
Great option, very effective!
L. Brayman
I fill it is very informal, I like the online especially when your sick and cant get to the meeting....
S. Hollins
I would like say that this was a eye opener to the other side of the fence and i would recommend this web site to others. To the victim and how there lives are forever changed.For me and my family our lives will never be the same due to my DUI.It is impossible to live a what some know as regular life without a Driver License.
M. Eason
yes...This is awesome. I had taken one in Wisconsin and I did not get nearly what I did out of this online course.
J. Sommer
Overall it was informative and interesting.
J. Zaste
The videos made me think more about the impact on others than on myself. It makes me realize how much worse my incident could have been and how bad it could be if I ever chose to do it again.
C. Mullin
I've learned that it is not worth drinking & driving because it can kill me or innocent people & their families.
S. Stockton
i think that the online vip was great seeing victims from other states and most likely more serious than in my home town
J. Besze
Great program.
P. Mcgarry
It was helpful to be able to do it from home
M. Hofman
I wasn't able to go to the VIP class that is held once a month because of my job and a new baby. I was really touched by the stories I heard in the videos. I wasn't in a wreck when I was pulled over and no one was hurt. this class has shown me how lucky I was to have been caught before I was able to hurt anyone or my self.
T. Rogers
I feel this is a great alternitave to taking this course, instead of classroom for those who work 12-13 hour shifts and cant get off on time to take classroom
M. Talamantez
Good Morning. The Imact Panel was very informing and it real makes you think of what your actions can cause to others. I couldnt imagine having put anyone in the situations people go through cause of stupid decisions like the one I made.
R. Irias
I feel as though this service was very impactful.
A. Kirker
This victims panel was really nice. It showed me a lot about drunk driving that I never thought about. this is super easy and so convenient. I would recommend this to other people.
T. Brown
Good presentation. Interesting, although sad stories. Learned how fast lives can be lost and how if affects family members. Devastating stories.
N. James
Very Informative. Recommended.
V. Troilo
Its a good way to open people eyes to the affects of drinking and driving
N. Varner
Yes this was very very informative. thank you
E. Loberg
Thank you for the info its good to hear these possible outcomes and tragic stories
L. Sorensen
Informative class, would suggest to others
D. Klotz
It's eye opening. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is an offender, family or friends of an offender or even just people who occasionally drink because many people don't realize the consequences of their actions until its too late and the damage has been done.
J. Strong
I think this should be shown to all drivers when they get their license
D. Jones
A. Dominic
The class was very informative and easy to use. I will recommend to others.
I. Drakulich
I think your service was very helpful.
M. Galloway
I recommend others watch these testimonials and hopefully it will make them aware of how dangerous drinking and driving is and the lives that can change when getting behind the wheel while under the influence.
J. Rodriguez
This should be shown in every high school everywhere.
M. Ritchey
i would defenetly recommend to others.......really touching stories but very true could happen to any of us and it defenetly had a great impact and wake up call to listen to these peoples stories
A. Edwards
Its helpful becuase it shows that it doesnt just hurt you it also hurt everyone around you.
J. Wooten
The information given was very eye opening. There are times that selfishness play a big part in decissions we make. This really opened my eyes up to who all could be affected by such a selfish act. I would recomend this to others.
J. Carpenter
This was very convenient.
J. Ide
Very sad. Mission accomplished. I'm officially petrified to have even one beer and drive.
J. Wallace
NO i will NEVER drink and drive again.
T. Hastings
FIrts video is to long should be divided into sections takes to long to download, everything else was very informative.
C. Rodriguez
Excellent online class
S. Richard
This was a good presentation for everyone to see. It makes you think about things we take for granted.
J. Frazier
Sure makes plain the damage caused to innocent people.
J. Smart
very good panel! highly recommended!
D. Jarrett
i think its a good thing for people like my seif to watch so we can learn
M. Beutler
It had a very effective message. Just as successful as any physical meeting for the panel.
V. Geroff
all i can say is thank you for the eye opener
C. Ernest
very impactful and great structure to make sure we really understand what drinking and driving can do. Thank you.
J. Heinsen
Absolutely. Changed my thoghts about drinking and driving enormously. May all presenters live life and heal accordingly with marvoulus progress.
J. Buckner
I thought the course was informational and eye opening, I'll never drive drunk again. I would recommend this as a good alternative to attending a panel live , for those of use with no transportation available to them.
J. Butler
Extremely educational service. I have a suspended license and was unable to get a ride to the VIP in my area. I searched online and was able to complete this course from home and absolutely felt the message. I hope I don't have to recommend a VIP to a friend, however I would recommend this if the circumstance was brought to my attention.
K. Mason
Very information and illuminating.
M. Wiandt
I have learned allot about the pain and impact on others from people drinking and then driving. I used to regulate how much I drank to stay within the legal limits, but just one drink affects one's judgement now if I am going to drive at all, I do not drink at all. Your presentation has continued my education. Thank you for putting it together.
T. Brast
Thank you very much. The program was very informational and very emotional as well. I realized prior to this program the mistake I had made and this panel drove the message home even further. I would absolutely recommend this program, but hope in my heart I won't have to.
S. Hanratty
I appreciate how fast and easy this online impact panel is and I am more informed about drinking and driving and or using drugs while driving. And that it is very dangerous and selfish to drive under the influence, especially if you have loved ones. All i have to say is money well spent.
D. Anau
A very emotion eye opener. Yes. Very informative and so real.
J. Gray
The course was very moving and very informational. I will never drive under the influence again.
A. Glover
Very good program
A. Adams
I thought the video gave an informative insight on how drunk/impaired driving can affect not only the person driving, but also how it can affect the lives of others as well. I would recommend the online impact panel video to others. Not only are the videos convenient to access (watch at home, etc), but they also show the possible realities of choosing to drink and drive as well as being a victim of drunk driving.
K. Witting
Very useful and informative
S. Caveny
A lesson learned and driving while intoxicated has severe consequences. The victims that I watched/listened to really drove it home on what could and does happen when someone drives under the influence.
R. Jones
I would recommend this program to others. It was all very useful information and at the time of this class i have been 7 months sober and love it.
S. Gall
This course was very informative as well as emotional and I liked it better than having to go to some place and sit with all the other people. It was also good that you got to here multiple stories from different areas.
J. Caruso
Very informative. Never have even 1 drink and get behind the wheel.
M. Petri
It was very informative.
C. Jones
An excellent and very imformative program
D. Biddle
the online panel was very convient and informative. got a new outlook on the effects of drunk driving.
J. Williams
Yes I would recommend this video to others. The sire was very easy to use, and the information was very moving.
C. Gustavson
This was great. Very convenient! -Anonymous
N. Zeiser
Very informative, eye opener
K. Biehn
I knew I had done wrong when I drove after drinking, but this really hit me to see how my actions COULD have effected so much more than my wallet, my time, my driving, and my life
M. Moriarty
I learned that there are people that my drinking could affect other than myself, and that it is not worth my life and someone elses to take such stupid decisions as to drink and drive.
B. Burton
I would recommend this program. As for me I will NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE again.
S. Lopez
Im glad that there is an impact panel for victims and hope one day people will understande the consequences of drinking and driving
B. Delaney
Services were on point - do not drink and drive as the consequences are very detrimental to you as the driver and all those who are impacted by resulting car accidents.
D. Woloshin
it was convenient, the panel was full of more info than ones i have gone to in person
J. Myers
I will definitively recommend this to others it was very informative.
A. Koessel
This was Very inspirational yet sad. This has definitely made me see what can happen while drinking and driving and i know now that could could never get behind a car after drinking even just one drink
J. Taylor
The Online Victim Impact Panel was fabulous. The information was extremely informative and presented in a very organized manner. I will definitely recommend it to other people whether they have had a DUI or not.
S. Hansen
K. Walden
I think your services are very well rounded and inspiring to others. I would definitely recommend you to someone looking to view a Victim Impact Panel.
K. Cooley
It helped a lot. And i will never drive drunk again!
T. Pelosi
This program saved me so much time and was very informative. Thank you for creating this option for people like myself who need to complete this course yet are not able to attend a course in person! I wish everyone was required to watch this. You all save lives!
R. Vance
This was a very convienient way to attend an impact panel. It was very a very emotional experience for me. I think this is a good thing for everyone to see.
B. Flores
The online course I just watched was in fact "life changing" I will never drink and drive again. I will absolutely recommend this course to others.
D. Windham
This was very impactful. I appreciate the chance to watch the videos and hear other peoples stories. I will forever be changed.
S. Smith
I found the Impact Panel very informative and made me think more about how many victims are out there. Thank you for taking the time to gain awareness for DUI's and the impact it has on many people.
L. Oakeson
Seeing the pictures of the people effected and killed affected me the most by possibly having more it may have a larger impact on someone else viewing later.
W. Trochesset
Eye opening
D. Parrott
It was good. I wont drink and drive again.
T. Nelson
The stories have absolutly touched me, and hit very close to home. I am so grateful I don't know the things some of these people know in their lives. Thank you so much for trying to reach out.
J. Duncan
Your services are highly appreciated.
J. Bellisle
I found the testimonies... the lives and experiences endured by each of these victims extremely impactful. I can't imagine, not only enduring such experiences but being able to get up in front of people to share time and time again- face to face with people who are there for negative reasons. My thanks and prayers go out to those families who have shared here, and countless others.
E. Brunner
Easy to register and take course.
J. Fisher
I felt it was very beneficial. I knew I would never drink and drive again before I watched this presentation. After watching this I now know I will never let anyone I know or even don't know drink and drive!
S. Holmes
The panel was very moving and informative.
V. Weller
Even more eye opening, even more thought provoking! Thank you for designing this, I hope it has it's desired effect on all of us!! It is NEEDED!
R. Tracy
This was a great service and class.
F. Stailey
Good panel, informative.
J. Armstrong
I want to thank for this educational program
F. Emily
I think its very helpful and an eye opener. I will not drink and drive
K. Jones
I think it was a very informative session and it is much easier, and convenient doing it from your own home
M. Sanders
This was one of the most powerful and moving programs I've experienced. I can not express enough my deepest sympathies and apologies to the families that have been affected in this way.
M. Bentley
Its very helpful and insightful and i felt like i gleaned a great deal from this educational opportunity
R. Lopez
Very aggressive approach to inform people about the consequences of driving while under the infulence!
K. Dane
I feel that this service was a real eye opener. I would recommend this to others.
J. Napolitano
It was very informative, and made me think, alot!
S. Joy
Great service keep it up!!!!!!
S. Frederiksen
Very informative. Makes you take a real step back and think about the potential consequences of your actions.
Z. Magalhaes
You scared the hell out of me that is why i have not had a drink in over a yearrn
S. Monroe
The stories of the victims were humbling. Even though I did not injure anyone there was still a chance that I could have taken my live or the life of someone else. Working with www.OnlineImpactPanel.com was a meaningful experience that I will not forget.
R. Sherman
I thought the videos made a big impact. I might use more updated material. Great overall.
C. Weiler
This online Victim Impact Panel was very informative and eye-opening about my impact on others. I would highly recommend it. I think it should be shown at college freshman orientations and High Schools around prom time.
K. Polk
The victims' stories were very powerful and after going through all of this, I feel that it should be required for EVERYONE to attend DUI school and a victim's impact panel before gaining the ability to purchase alcohol.
T. Freeman
This victim impact panel was a very eye opening and informing experience! thank you!
D. Fish
I think the services provided show the effects of driving under the influence affect more people than the victims of the accident itself. It does a good job of shedding light on what the consequences of poor decisions make on people involved.
J. Huber
The videos shed light on the cause and effects of impaired driving. After seeing the people affected by carelessness and the impact of others actions, it is clear to me that I or my family may be affected by someone else's actions and therefore it will be my mission to act responsibly personally and lead others to make the right decisions.
G. Snowden
This was very convienient and easy to work with. The videos I believe arejust as effective as being atthe actual Victim Impact Panel.
A. Owens
I thought it was excellent, though hard listening to what the familys have gone through it made a definate impact on me
K. Skalicky
It had a real impact on me and I appreciate it.
B. Christiansen
Wonderful. Very emotional and impactful. I would certainly reccomend this helpful program to others.
S. Nesis
I have regretted drinking and driving since I got pulled over. I love this program since it actually explains that I may not have a drinking problem but there are people that do. Those are the people I should be watching for on the road when I am out. Those who just didn't care about what lives they were affecting.
R. Vaughan
I would recommend this course to not only offenders, but to teens or high school students. This course teaches consequences in real life situations.
J. Kooi
My rate my experience as very positive in taking this online impact panel. It was very informative and touch you in a very emotional way. The consequences are so life burdening to all the friends and family members and the victims who suffer daily who have died. I learned quite a bit from this and felt that it was very worthwhile
M. Labagh
i learned a lot and it affected me emotionally ..i will not drink and drive again
B. Sawyer
Great service to our community.
R. Pruette
Great course thank you for the heartfelt stories
M. Mcleod
Going into this I didn't think that I was going to take much away, but hearing these stories changes your perspective on things. I would recommend this course to anyone. I think people should watch this even if they haven't had an encounter with the law. It really shows what happens to lives when you take unwanted chances.
M. Cantu
Very informative. I would definitely recommend the class.
E. Infante
Yes I would think this is the best way to go when it comes to DUI cases that have lost the drivers licens and to help show the damage of are actions.
V. Smith
The information was good and the stories hit home. It makes you think and plan ahead not to drink and drive after all any one of us could be affected in the future.
R. Carlson
I feel the course was very informative and influencial. I would recommend this to anyone who is unaware of what or who our decisions effect.
N. Malain
very good and very helpfull Thank you
J. Choi
Very good. I learned alot
A. Bishop
Very informative. All of the presenters were good at portraying the consequences so that it was relatable to everyone.
M. Yusko
It a really eye opener, Good course
G. Mcintosh
very informative
R. Hyland
This truly goes straight to the heart. Seeing innocent people killed and injured over something that is completely unnecessary and avoidable is completely unacceptable. Know that some of the users here are not convicted of DUI or OWI but are bound based on other criminal charges, i.e. MIP's.
J. Ethridge
Very effective and emotional really made me think more than twice about my own personal actions.
S. Cardinale
It was very interesting to learn about the impacts that drunk dirving can have on a life.
J. Ackley
I will never drink and drive as long as I live, I recommend this to everyone. I personally think watching this panel shouls be required before a teenager can get their license.
J. Schmit
made it very fast and easy and was able to save money and learn alot!!
C. Mcguire
Informative and important
R. Dalton
It really shows you that you not the only one that is effected by your choice. Yes I would recommend this to others.
T. West
J. Barber
Very interesting stories. The V.I.P leaves a major scar upon me and other reminding of the dangers of drinking and driving. And even if your not drinking, someone else is drinking on the road and can change an individuals life forever.
L. Mcdonald
Very Informational, and yed I would recommend this course to others
R. Scherrer
Got the message across effectively and yes I would recommend you to others.
B. Milone
yes. I would recommend this. It's was more impacting on me than the one I did in person.
C. Gove
It really opened my eyes to the dangers of drinking and driving and the consequences my actions can have on others
J. Lingenfelter
I was able to finish this on my own time, which was key to me accomplishing this. As someone in my position it helped that I was not required to drive or get a ride somewhere. The price was very competitive in my area.
D. Meyer
I believe this should be shown to ALL Driver's Education classes across the nation. I also believe it should be mandatory for all issues of driver's license.
M. Womack
Was good
M. Melendez
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who does not have to or to show people who have been impacted by drunk driving.
B. Rowe
Good course.
R. Perez
i enjoyed the video. it deffinatly will make u realize the decisions you make in life can/will be life changing.
A. Castro
The Impact Panel was very affective in helping me realize how drastically it affects peoples lives directly, and to what extent. I would highly recommend this to others, even if they haven't committed a crime behind the wheel driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. The online impact panel was helpful in letting me experience it on my own time while leaving a lasting impression on the negative affects of driving while under the influence.
S. Collar
Good program
T. Patee
Excellent time saver and good material
L. Aussicker
Yes, Definitely would recommend this. It gave me cause to reflect and consider the consequences inflicted on others who are totally innocent and totally not in control of their own destiny because of the irresponsible actions and poor choices of others.
M. Smith
It was a very eye opening class. I was glad that I had to take it!
A. Bartinski
I liked the program it actully gave me cold chills i would recommend your program to people maybe it would do some good
J. Armstrong
Highly recommend especially if drivers license is suspended and you are unable to drive to local classroom.
C. Thomas
For a working mother in a one vehicle household having the opportunity to take the VIP online made it possible for me to complete. After listening to the speakers I realize just how much my actions could affect another’s life.
K. Fuentes
I would definitely recommend this to others. The word "Impact" in the title is my main takeaway. This course has impacted me deeply. I feel pain and sorrow hearing from the victims.
L. Mistretta
I think it was a good presentation. The testimonials were real and sad. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the effect one drink can have on many different people's lives. This presentaion is about real life and doesn't give you pity.
J. Mcnamara
It makes you think about your children and your family and how something as simple as driving while intoxicated can take it all away from you. It really opened my eyes to see how it takes a second to change your life, and a lifetime to get over it.
J. Linton
I would recommend this impact panel to others; it was heartfelt as well as informative and really makes you think twice before driving under the influence again.
N. Rose
Thank you for your services and sharing your experiences.
W. Owens
yes, Ill recommend this site to my friends is very clear.
R. Hernandez
This was fantastic
J. Wilkins
Great! (:
S. Lee
It really makes me think of what I could've caused that night. Never again.
R. Alvarez
the first video was very informative. starting with josh's testomony was good, his story is touching and he tells it in a way that feels honest. it was easy to relate
J. Wessling
VERY touching and awakening. Yes, I believe this type of video should be seen every year by High school children. As adults it would be a good visual on some level, but am not sure where it could be a regular event, but I will try and see and show others often as an awakening.
J. Huntzicker
T. Van Stavern
I would recommend your services to everybody.
E. Binder
I was sad hearing all of the presenters talk about the death of their children and the impact that drinking and driving had on their lives. I am glad that I took this class and I will never allow any of my friends to drink and drive.
J. Flinn
The real stories were powerful. Thanks.
D. Jester
it was very informative and powerful it should be arequirement for everyone to go to this class to be able to drink legally
B. Bowers
This class truly helped me to understand the impact that drunk driving has on peoples lives and as well as my own. Yes, i do recommend this class to others and believe it to be extremley necessary for those both with or without DUI's.
N. Burns
Very educational
M. Kelly
I was deeply impacted by the testimonies offered by the victims and their significant others.
P. Richardson
Good program, very informative and convincing.
J. Hutchison
Your services are very convenient but more to the point, this course should make an impact upon anyone who has a conscience.
J. Villanueva
Would recomend it to others.
J. Dowell
Your service was impecable. I would definetly recommend your services. And thank you for further educationg me on the ramifications of driving under the influence.
K. Thompson
I would recomend this to others, it is painfull to watch and listen to.
K. Erem
I would reccomend to others. Especially to drivers aged 16 - 30.
W. Koenig
I'm speechless with the videos they are really good motivation for people to stop drinking and i will recommend this to everyone who needs it i will be posting the website in my facebook thank you
J. Moreno
This is a great program. It really opened my eyes to the impact that drinking and driving can cause. thank you.
R. Cruz
I feel morally renewed and I see the errors of my ways. I would definitely recommend this to others. Thanks to the good lord and all the great V.I.P staff, I have seen how life can easily be changed drastically or ended just as abruptly because of a little irresponsibility. I will not be drinking and driving again.
M. Pena
I liked it.
S. Tran
POWERFUL! This program would be a great benefit to have to renew your drivers license.
C. Pearson
This was informative and good for people to watch.
J. Schindler
The Online Impact Panel is a very sobering and graphic depiction of the anguish and misery caused by drunk drivers and their families. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone needing to conveniently complete court ordered classes.
J. Carey
I was very moved by the victim's stories, and definitely feel I would think about all they said before I ever made the horrible decision to drive while impaired.
S. Collier
Convenient, would recommend.
K. Warden
Very helpful and insightful.
K. Lake
I think that your impact is highly persuasive, you've not only convinced many people about the awareness about drinking while driving, but you have made a large impact on me about what I have done and the risks I made not only about me, but everyone on the same street.
N. Than
Thank you for providing an in depth vision into how this impairment affects those around us. This was an excellent method of completing a victim impact panel for those who have a hectic work schedule.
J. Heslink Iii
I thought it was very helpful and yes i will recommend it to others.
S. Rice
I enjoyed the videos and they were very educational. It definately captures the emotions of these people.. even though they are strong and speak well, you can tell it has effected them immensly
M. Brown
it is great to have a service like this to let people know what really happens and that it can effect a lot of peoples lives
E. Teneyuca
I would definitely recommend this to other people who continue to drink and drive.
M. Rivera
The panel was very emotionaly moving. I learned alot and think that it would help others.
J. Young
Sad and informative.
J. Wiseman
I would highly recommend onlineimpactpanel, the panel really touched me and i would never want to be a victim i pray that most people feel the same as i do, really really made me think.
P. Hardeman
Great and convenient way to knock this class out thank you for online Impact class
D. Gutierrez
This has been life changing for me. it takes one mistake to change your life and someone else. I think everyone should watch this before they get a drivers license.
S. Valdez
Great, Time Saving, Efficient, can't find quality like this anywhere else
T. Abdel-nabi
The services are very worth watching. It is a real eye opener. I had my two teenage driving age children watch this with me and they both were in tears. It really did get the message across to me and my children. Thank you
D. Christenson
Yes i would recommend this program to others. Listening to all the hardship familys, friends and coworkers had to go through due to making a wrong decision helps put reality into perspective when relating to drinking and driving. There should be public transportation at a price everyone can afford to decrease the amount of drinking and driving.
P. Beckett
It was very insightful, definitely eye-opening.
G. Brion
This is a very educational and very real program this should be tough in schools all across the world my heart goes out to those impacted from something as foolish as putting a alcohal bevrage or drug over others well being.
K. Daley
This was an extremely moving and impactful experience. Taking this panel has opened my eyes up greatly to the terrible things that can happen as a result of drunk driving. I made a mistake one night and will never make it again. I would never be able to live with myself if I had injured or even killed someone as a result of driving while intoxicated. I thank God that no one was injured as a result of my actions and understand that this can never happen again. I know that even after one drink I am unable to operate a vehicle and I will never even consider it again. This online panel has really helped make everything a reality and I will never drive while drunk again.
C. Bovery
I think this was a very helpful video.
E. Litchfield
I would highly recommend this to others.
R. Aybar
I found this impact panel very life changing for me. I wi11 never drink and drive again
M. Gildea
This service made it really easy and convenient to be able to complete my VIP.
C. Mustain
This was very educational for me and my family. It is so easy to forget how many lives are impacted from drunk driving. I highly recommend this online panel as it has given me a lot to think about and further my regrets. Thank you.
T. Chase
I thought this was very useful and did help deter me from wanting to drink and drive again.
L. Causey
It was very educational and understandable. Yes I would recommend it to others. The online support is very quick on service and polite
A. Gratto
Eye-opening testimonials. I am lucky to not have caused pain or injury to any person during my offense, and i certainly know now i will never in the future.
A. Kuykendall
I think its a huge eye opener to people about how fast your life can change and the lives of others.I would highly recommend this panel to others who are interested or recomended to do so
T. Blair
I think this services are very helpful. They allow to complete the victim impact panel from your own home and on your own time. I don't think they are any less effective then attending the panel live. I was literally brought to tears from some of the testimonies. It really makes me think about how horrible it is to change some innocent bystander's life by getting behind the wheel after drinking. Watching this makes me never want to drink and driver EVER again.
F. Lang
I think this was a very good course, it made me realize what effects your drinking has on innocent people who would never dream of this happening to them. and how just one drink and driving after can still effect you and other people lives. overall the course was very informative, i dont think it has quite the same effect as attending one in person but it still clearly gets its point across
J. Barnhart
Excellent course and highly recommend.
E. Podolak
This course was very informative about the unnecessary risks that exist when people get behind the wheel after drinking and/or using drugs. The potential affects can be devastating to oneself and/or other drivers on the road. It is easy to see that it is clearly not worth these risks to drive while under the influence.
S. Sperandio
I am glad that I could do this online, due to a suspended license and having to work so much, making it in person would have been a huge hassle.
W. Green
It was eye opening, and sad.
R. Meyers
Much appreciated!
M. Anderson
It was sad and eye opening. I am glad i didnt hurt anyone
D. Barbee
Thank-you so much! I was deeply affected by the testimonies to the point of tears.... so sorry thanks in advance.
C. Boyer
Great program, learned alot, educated and moved. Will never drink and drive again.
V. Turner
C. Lake Ii
The videos were very watchable and changed my outlook on driving after just a couple drinks. I would recommend this to anyone. Much quicker and easier than any other option.
K. Broeker
Very informative
J. Marcotte
This was a great program, it was very convenient and I definitely would recommend it to others.
D. Araque
I would recommend to others.
D. Shields
Wakes you up to the dangers of driving drunk, even online! Listen & pay attention to the survivors stories.
T. Fleet
It was very informative
K. Walter
Well done. Yes would recommend.
K. Zellers
I would highly recommend this service to other and think I will if I know anyone who has to do a victim impact panel.
R. Mayer
Sobering view of the truth
B. Roberts
It is a very informational course to see what I could have done to a family is makes me think its not worth the pain that people would go through
J. Heath
They are very informative and very mind awaring of things that could and have happen
J. Randall
What an Impact to realize first hand what Drinking and driving does to others who are so innocent let alone what can happen to you or the impact on your own family. I am sorry for all of your losses.
J. Osborne
Learned a valuable lesson in watching the videos that even if its half a beer, quarter beer, or just a little, never get behind the wheel at all even if you've just had a sip of alcohol. And i know that's an extreme statement but its an extreme situation if someone ever gets hurt because of my choices.
K. Campbell
I would recommend your services to others.
L. Chinchilla
Thank you impact panel for being there
D. Morrison
Very impressive and moving information.
J. Marquez
I will never drink and drive again
D. Ralston
I think this is a good program and would recommend it
B. Shinn
I dont ever want to drink again it was a good course
R. Knoble
Great service, the purpose is well served.
M. Gee
Very affective in taking the actions and consequenses of those actions and making them very real and struck me to the core.
J. Gregory
This service was very helpful. The victim impact videos were very eye opening. Some of the questions were very specific to make sure you watched the videos and were paying attention
J. Lawrence
Opens your eyes
J. Tucker
I think this was a great testimonial and I learned so much and refuse to ever have a drink and get behind the wheel again.
M. Traylor
This course will show you, its not ok to make excuses for getting behind the wheel after drinking. And as a parent, I am ashamed of my actions. Someones life has more value over a bad choice!
E. Shelley
Yes I would recommend this to others. I thought it was very sad and made think of all the people i could have kill when i was given the DUI.rn
R. Cuevas
Good thx you
K. Wong
Nice job yes it did have an impact
B. Lincoln
This program that you all have made I think is great. You do the panel from the convenience of your own home and helps out the people that have a suspended license.
C. Miller
I would definitely recommend this resource to others.
B. Lawless
I am a mother of 4 babies and this really put me into tears. I would recommend you to others and I will do my best to help others also. I have lost a father to drinking and driving. I will never do that again and I will do everything in my power to help others even if I don't know them. Thank you so much for sharing me other peoples stories.
A. Mai
The online impact panel was better than an actual panel because you can take it anywhere at anytime.
A. Herron
I greatly appreciate the online program.
E. Kallweit
the stories are really mind altering. You feel for the people who have been hurt from stupid decisions by driving under the influence.
H. Strickland
This videos were very inspirational and helped me realize the consequences of drunk driving, and how my actions effect others.
D. Kartler
I thought the videos were very informative and helped me understand the impact one poor decision could have on someones life. I would recommend this to others.
S. Shoemaker
Highly recomend course. You have to pay alot more attention with this course verse just sitting in a room lissoning to people talk. I know this affected me more and plan to do my DUI class online now. great class maybe someday we won't nead this. THANK YOU for your help
R. Jobe
I think that your services do serve the community well and make those of us who did make the mistake of drinking and driving think about what could have happened and how bad the conseqeences can be i will never make the bad choice of drinking and driving again because i could never live with myself if i hurt someone else thank you
A. Dobbs
M. Fricker
it was great experience very eye-opening.
C. Sedtal
I believe this is a good program that shows the danger of DWI's from other perspectives.
J. Parrish
It was very good. I learned a lot. It definitely had an impact on me.
R. Hester
Very informative.
K. Edwards
An overall eye opener.
D. Adams
The services are very good. i would recommend it to everyone
R. Givens
This program had a lot of insight
L. Martin
Very touching experience. Will definitely remember this course and share my experience with others.
C. Bland
The impact panel is very eye opening.
P. Vannattan
I think this is a very effective service.
D. Kemp
R. Adams
Thought that the VIP was very informational and would recommend to others. Without this online program I would have had to wait to take the VIP in person and traveled lots of miles to get there.
J. Montgomery
This impact panel really has effected me in seeing the damage I could have potentially caused by drinking in driving. I believe this is a most needed service because it provides real life testimonies , and because of those testimonies i am most convinced that my actions were selfish and irresponsible. I am greatful that i have another opprotunity not to make this same mistake and i do appreciate this service. Thank you
A. Herndon
this service is very good and conveinant. I would recommend to everyone i know that needs this. this experience was gret i learned alot from all the stories and will never drink and drive again. thank you
R. Spina
Some times we just need to step outside the box and realize that just a drink may be just the time to get a DD all the time.
E. Guerra
I think that these videos are very helpful and definitaly open your eyes to a lot of things that can happen from drinking and driving.
E. Cole
It's really important that people can see first hand how their actions can affect others...Thank you for your time.
J. Deines
I recommend thid VIP to all DUI and drug related to see this because it affects not only but there is alot of unforeseen problems with alcohol or drug impaired drivers and innocent people.
J. Hale
I am truly moved by this i stopped drinking a while ago because for one its against the law but i started to see the effects it was having in my life as well as others around me, nobody was getting anything done ever just drinking all the time. after watching this panel i see now the real risks of this kind of neglegence and how many lives it can really change i will fight drunk driving as much as i can from this day forward.
R. Georg
Very informative and convenient.
J. Walbridge
I think the services you guys provide is very heart touching, I never knew how much drinking and driving can affect so many people. I would highly recommand this service to other people so they can see how much drinking and driving can affect other people.
M. Charles
It is a definite eye opener.
J. Davila
It was an efficient and very helpful service
C. Blaber
I though it was very informational and it really made me feel guilty for all the times that I have driven under the influence of alcohol.
R. Morgan
Very educational.
A. Abbey
This was a great experience but i will never drink and drive again
S. Oneill
I really think that these services have helped me a lot. I have learned some new things as well as refreshed on some.
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Thank you for the experience. It deeply affected me.
J. Boroff
Was very interesting and informational. Thank You
R. Bogue
Excellent service, would recommend to others. Very convenient.
J. Cohen
I will never drink and drive again. Too much pain and sorrow from family, friends and victims who survive.
B. Mott
This is a great alternative to the traditional impact panel. I believe that I have learned just as much while watching the videos as I would have learned in person.
A. Heyen
Well worth seeing, would recommend to others,
R. Johnson
Very informative, would highly recomend this course.
C. Cline
Deep and to the point, I'm really glad I saw this.
D. Holst
Most people I know have driven after having a drink or drinks. Everyone should see these films to gain an understanding of the potential for severe physical and emotional pain and loss.
D. Ellingson
This is very educational and raised a lot of my awareness about drunk driving. I would recommend the victim impact panel to people who do decide to drive under the influence but have still gotten away with it so that they can hopefully learn a lesson before it is to late and that the safety of themselves and others will not be compromised. Thank you.
M. Augustine
Deeply emotional and educational.
Y. Bondarenko
It was very informational. I will never drink and drive again. Thanks.
K. Conroy
I can only say that at 61 years old never being in trouble before does not make what happen ok. It was the most degrading and humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. I can honestly tell that the impression it has made on me will last a life time.
B. Fordering
this was a very informational panel and I got just as much out of it as to attending one in person. It is very convenient considering the fact that my license is suspended. I thank you to the people that created this website and hope it makes others realize that drinking and driving is not worth the time and money but most importantly a life.
J. Kasa
It was extremely moving and made me cry. It made feel guilty for driving under the influence and lucky that I did not kill anyone. I will take the chance I have been given and not scander it.
D. Sheehan
A. Limas
My experience was one of great impact. I agreed with every speaker who presented and have already begun to do things around my community to prevent drunk driving from happening. I feel that this program was very informational and is a great tool for those who use it. Thanks so much.
R. Dill
Thank you very much for putting this on the internet and making it available to us this way
J. Williams
It was very insightful, I learned a lot.
R. Coffey
I found this to be just as effective as being in person. I will never take a drop of alcohol if I am even thinking about getting in a car.
K. Muehlhausen
This is really an eye-opening program and experience. Drunk driving doesn't just affect you, it affects everyone. Don't drink and drive.
B. Drake
I really enjoyed watching and hearing the heartbreaking stories. This really hit home!
B. Bullock
Very Revealing.
J. Izquierdo
Watching these people who this has impacted, is a eye opener. This impact panel should have open many of eyes.
G. Brown
This was very powerful. I have been very selfish and lucky that I haven't caused more damage to myself and especially others. Thank you
M. Holden
This was the most impacting stories I have ever seen.
R. Miller
VERY informative, touching, and helpful
E. Braddy Jr
Very eye opening. Never realized that I was driving as a weapon of destruction.
H. Camp
I actually learned alot! It was very emotionally moving learning about how one simple mistake can endanger thousands!
J. Mckee
Very powerful
R. Moyle
An amazing experience :)
H. Perryman
Very enlighting video
C. Scott
It was very informative.
H. Baig
I wish I wouldn't have drove after drinking :(
S. Shergill
It was very sad to see how people lost they lives to other people habits and should make anyone think twice before driving drunk. I think it was scary
T. Caldwell
Thank you for offering this online as I have been unable to drive ever since last year. God Bless!!!
J. Bell
I think that this was very much worth my time and money to get a full feeling of what could happen to my life if I was ever to drink and drive again and I feel like the image of this video will stay with me for a long time.
J. Warrick
I would just like to say that I am really touched by this class and glad I was made to take it. I am going to write a paper over this. The purpose is just to give my own interpretation and testimonial out to others.
J. Bowles
It was an expedient and effective means of completing this requirement.
J. Reid
I am very thankful for everyone that shared their stories, it made me realize how fast innocent lives may be taken and I will NEVER drink and drive again
R. Cuadra
Very Good
S. Milward
This program was affective for me. I will never drink and drive again. Thank you to the speakers who took their time to speak to me.
J. Pendley-greene
This online impact panel is very informative, designed with the right idea in mind, the idea of trying to help people correct their wrongs, and is done in a professional way.
K. Hoggarth
Eye opening. I now realize how drinking and driving effects other peoples lives.
A. Ewer
It was an experience... thank you for sharing
M. Johnson
It was pretty easy.
C. Williams
I was sadened by all the stories and feel really bad about even thinking of drinking and driving and im sorry to all the familys that have lost a loved one from this. Thank you for sharing your stories and I promise to never get behind the wheel even if its a sip. Thank you again and god bless
S. Davis
Very informative. gets the point across. Easy to use and navagate
Q. Briscoe
Very informational and makes you think about think you would not think about and just keep doing
C. Duda
Very helpful
P. Maerkle
No more, No more, No more drinking. Periuod!
W. Hines
It made me think to never wanna drink again
J. Nguyen
I can honestly say that this impact panel was very helpful. I will NEVER drink and drive again. Life is too precious.
H. Dale
After viewing these 3 videos, I feel so sad for the families and I promise never to drink and drive again!!
G. Cosgrove
Incredible...very powerful and impactful. A must for anyone who thinks about drinking and driving.
N. Rich
J. Mciff
This is an outstanding program that exceeded my expectations. This should be a part of drivers training for first time drivers license applicants.
J. Gantz
Thanks to the volunteer presenters for giving their time and emotional stregth to share thier life changing events and their ability to deal constructively with their personal loss.
M. Wilhelmson
I must admit that these stories shared by these victims truly made me think about my actions the night I was arrested for a DUI. I myself since hat time have been the victim of being hit by a drunk driver, and I know from firsthand experience just how stupid drinking and driving is. I can honestly say that I never plan on drinking and driving again.
M. Williams Jr
I thought the videos were very informative about the victims of drunk driving that I feel people don't really consider. I think that these hazards should be a requirement for newly licensed drivers.
P. Yamaguchi
Very informative
K. Walby
I now know first hand the potential consequences of my mistakes, and will certainly not repeat my offenses.
B. Smith
The information presented showed me a side of drinking and driving that I had never seen before. We hear statistics, but it doesn't have the same impact as hearing and seeing the the presenters on the victims impact panel.
A. Mcmullen
The victim impact panel class is very informative in many ways.
M. Ledford
I can actually say that watching those real life examples can affect you and leave a mental image so that next time you think about doing something your impulse will be a flash of what bad can happen.
M. Al-habib
Very profound and worthwhile. Thank you.
K. Riddle
This was very informative and should be shown to drivers ed students
D. Russell
Great program and touching stories
T. Keenan
It was great!!
D. Bagwell
This was a truly eye-opening experience! I went into it angry because I had to do it, but after the first 10 minutes i was in tears listening to John and imagining that it was my wife going through all that. Please do not just write this off. Take the time to listen to these peoples experiences.
M. Gusky
Thank you.
A. Aguilar
It is incredibly sobering to watch all of the people whose lives who have been terribly altered by drunk drivers.
S. Robinson
The emotion from the victim impact panel came through very well on the videos. I was glad to be able to watch them an learn about the impact of drunk driving
C. Milmoe
This site was truly impactful in its delivery and message that it conveyed through the online medium vs. an in-person victim impact panel. It cemented in me the fact that driving under the influence not only affects your life in a negative manner but has the potential to influence so many others as well. I have learned so many valuable lessons and have become a stronger proponent for education and prevention of drinking and driving by learning the hard way and having to go through the criminal side of the offense.
M. Rooney
This experience was educational and moving. I am glad it was available. I was forced to look at my self and my responsibility to others to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. Thank you very much.
H. Jones
Excellent testimonials and effective, real-life shared experiences!
K. Colpoys
Easy to use and convinced me to never drink and drive again.
R. Williams
Online Victim Impact Panel Online was a powerful educational tool for me to fully see the negative effects of drunk driving. It is just not worth the risk. Ever. These victims have had their lives torn apart by drunk driving and they need their stories to be heard.
R. Cislo
The Movies were very emotionally moving. I can say without a doubt that I will not drink and drive again. In fact, if i see someone else that is about to, i will buy them a cab ride home. There is too much innocent death in this world already, and there doesn't need to be anymore. Whoever is reading this, whether it be a victim, or an offender, or a family member; know that all the pain in the world cannot be compared to losing a loved one. I swear to never drink and drive again.
M. Anderson
Very informative, and a heart wrenching truth.
M. Bruton
This is a very powerful presentation, one that i will never forget, it has truly changed my life and and i know someone else's
G. George
I have watched the Victim Impact Panel and testimonials from the victims and i realize now what effects driving drunk is. It really hit home. Thank you so much for having this panel online also because it saved me a trip.
G. Sanagustin
Very great site. Very educational and convienant. Thank you.
M. Smith
Awesome very impacting!
C. Rahrmann
It really opens your eyes to what you can cause when you make the choice to drink and drive
J. Stiltner
Nicely done with compasion
J. Williams
Don't drink and drive, it destroys lives. Thank you for the excellent course.
S. Mackie
I got a lot out of the speakers on the panel. I am going to AA (123 days of sobriety) meetings and know that as long as I continue to follow there few suggestions and 12 steps, I can keep from becoming a victim, or worse yet, someone they're talking about that affected them or any other person. This is not my 1st, or even 2nd attempt at sobriety, but I hope and pray every day that its my last...
H. Urban
N. Reddy
Excellent videos.
G. Head
Although I have been through this process in the past (25yrs ago) it was again good in a bad way to hear the stories and the possibilities of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle no matter how many drinks you have had. My best to all that have shared their stories and may God bless you all.
M. Miller
I learned a lot and it made me realize how lucky I am that I didn't hurt or kill anyone when I drove after I had been drinking.
A. Surber
I appreciated the ability to hear from people who continue to give back to the community in an effort to educate people who have commited the same offense that tragically affected their lives.
S. Cook
Great Course!
J. Mccallum
Great very informative
R. Hammersley
Very professionally done.
K. Freeman
Very stirring testimonials. Thank you.
N. Weed
Buzzed driving is still drunk driving. Thank you for this course.
J. Parana
Learned a lot.
J. Lavarro
Thanks for your support and this eye opening online panel.
C. Valentine
Yhis was touching and bothersome... I wont ever drink and drive again
M. Muratore
very well put together and good presenters
D. Jordahl
This was a very sobering and valuable experience online.
C. Donnelly
B. Turner
Very emotionally and compelling to see the impact of what can happen when you take drugs of any kind and drive.
J. Doerfler
The stories have such an impact. Very touching.......
R. Luevano
This was extremely insightful and educational, it was also helpful in that I was doing as court ordered from out of state and the state I live in does not have Victim Impact Panels. Hopefully you continue this site as it will help many to realized their mistakes as well as how they impact others with drunk driving.
K. Abraham
Very emotional
N. Shadle-wilharm
Great job it hit home
G. Hill Jr
It was really great watching this video of how important drunk driving really caused other people's lives which normally leads to death of friends, family all around us. It's a great experience and will always be reminded to me, and I hope it will be also to many of us are doing online impact panel course!!
C. Shih
I learned a lot about the different views of other people an how one event sets a chain of events that effects everyone around you... Yall are doing a great job at what yall are doing...thank you.
J. Harris
I am very thankful for this opportunity. I am humbled by my stupidity to ever drink and drive. It is now my duty to stand for what is right and be of service in any way to let others know its severe impact on the innocent.
S. Wixom
Even though the subject at hand is very critical and painful to the victims, I believe this website has done a great job in putting together the key elements to make us, those charged with DUI, understand the consequences to others and how painful and life changing it can be.
J. Salcedo
Fortunately no one was hurt in my case, but it could have happened. There is no excuse for ever taking this kind of chance.
V. Bentley
The online impact panel left a strong impression on me, and it made me re-think how I should act in the future. Although I did not injure anyone I will never drink and drive again because after drinking you aren't in full control, and full control is needed when driving. I really enjoyed the testimonies and I will be an advocate for not drinking and driving for the rest of my life.
J. Braman
It is very understanding and gets straight to the point the most important thing to point out is that it only takes one drink so its important to stay away from the wheel after drinking
D. Eckler
It was a good experience and really opened my eyes on how this can really hurt people and destroy lives. It could happen to anyone. There were very touching stories and to the families that have been affected you will be in my prayers.
B. Keller
This site was very iformative and made a huge impact on my experience of drinking and driving.
D. Murray
This was a great program. I have learned so much and will share what I have learned to others.
M. Riordan
Very informational and heartbreaking. Can't believe what i could have done and will always remember this when the situation arises of a friend, family member, or anyone about to drive drunk around me.
T. Tahy
I am sincerely sorry for my actions and I have a highly new respect on something that it taken so lightly when we are "having a good time" - I see myself volunteering and becoming a better person because of this and am so thankful to God, that I am alive and that I did not kill anyone. This was very useful, emotional and awakening in many regards - including, seeking help for addiction. God bless all those families who have been hurt and forever changed based on OUR selfish decision.
A. Zuniga
This online program was very insightful and made me think. It was very beneficial since my license is suspended. I encourage everyone to take this serious and take it to heart for yourself and others.
M. Behme
Really great program. It was good to hear so many peronal stories
H. Mcelwain
I was arrested for a DUI in 2010 when I was living in Las Vegas. I was caught up in the lifestyle and living it everyday. Since then I have moved to Charlotte, NC, and made a promise to myself, and the rest of the innocent people around me, not to ever have a drink of alcohol and get behind the wheel, and am proud to say I have kept that promise.
C. Kohler
I was touched by the stories presented by the speakers and after watching this it made me feel horrible and selfish for driving under the influence and knowing how many lives i put at risk each time i drove drunk. The website was just as effective as if i had attended in person. It was very convenient considering i dont have a drivers liscence to drive to a local V.I.P, Thank you for this eye opening expierence!
O. Rizo
This was a very convenient and fulfilling way to complete my impact panel requirements.
P. Ward
Excellent service! I travel for work and this service made it possible for me to do while on the road. It is designed so you must pay attention. Again, Excellent service and would recommend to anyone who has to go through a VIP class.
R. Lipensky
It really makes you stop and think about how your stupidity can sure change not only your life but the lives of others. Wake up. Thank You for letting me participate in your program.
T. Thompson
The online impact panel made the course very convenient. However, do not think I should have to pay an additional 19.99 to get my document immediately. The video had a great impact on my decisions. I will not drink and drive again!
B. Harris
The victims impact panel really hit home and made me realize how many innocent peoples lives are affected forever because of the poor choices of few. There is no excuse nor is there no reason or justification to drink and drive.
R. Hartman Jr
Very insitefull
R. Beckner
Very touching and eye opening. I will definitely recommend to anyone
C. Grahmann
I made sure to pay attention. Made me think a lot about behavior I have had in the past, and also what I don't want to happen to me or my family due to drunk driving.
J. Scully
yes recommended
S. Emerson
I retained a lot of good information from this video and I would recommend it to others.
S. Walston
i really enjoyed the online victim impact panel. i will never drink and drive again. thank you.
J. Fisher
great eye opener you don't realize what you can do to others and how you can damage other people's lives until you see a video or you have to do the program thank i will not drink and drive again
D. Segura
I learned alot and this worked with my schedule and didn't have to get a babysitter. I would recommend this to friends that need to do the victim impact panel!
K. James
I would highly recommend this Panel to anyone. In trouble with the law or not.
E. Beck
I think this is very helpful to those who can not drive and is a good experience. I could only do this online thank you.
J. Michel
Very educational and would recommend this to teenage drivers.
M. Elmore
Very insightful and emotionally wrenching.
D. Buckner
very comprehensive and complete... also convenient. Thank you very much.
S. Stevens
It was very educational and extremely convenient for me because I am out of state and recovering from a surgery. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a hassle-free way to complete the victim impact panel.
K. Petrusky
The online impact panel was informative and convenient, as there is no panel near my town.
C. Mcgurren
J. Kenchel
i thought it was really good and really brings out the key points about driving and drinking. it makes you stop and think about others and how big of an impact it can take on you your family friends and any others. i would deffinately reccommend this site to others
J. Kitterman
This system is great! Much more convenient and time-saving than going to a class only offered once a month. The stories are very touching and it helps a lot.
J. May
Very Affective
J. Barbosa
I feel that your services are very useful in stopping DWI's, it definitely impacted my mind as far as drinking and driving.
D. Brown
great wont drink and drive again
R. Leih
Very informative
S. Mclaughlin
This course is well done.
J. Martin
Very informative and emotional speakers that make you think twice about drinking and driving.
E. Coffman
What impact. Thank you for all you do!
P. Kaiser
The online impact panel brought to light the experiences of people who were effected by drunk drivers. It got the message across effectively of the grave effects your poor choices can cause innocent people. It was convenient and effective.
D. Smith
Every driver needs to take this class
R. Piwowarczyk Jr
it definitely had an impact on me! some awful things were brought to light, things you don't always think about.
C. Kraft
The course was very informative. Makes you think about drinking and driving.rn
P. Mccleary
Drinking and driving are two actions that should never take place at the same time. Unfortunately i made mistake and did drink and then drive. But it is one mistake that will not be repeated. Not only for my own sake but for the others that i could have severely hurt or worse.
M. Hrdlicka
The services I received were great.
F. Alvarez
This impact panel is very influential and I would recommend it to be used by DUI offenders.
P. Hill
I think this was an excellent course, thank you for having it available online.
D. Gonzales
It is by far the most detailing impact panel I've seen. Only been to one and this one online and it hit me at home where it counts.
J. Rodriguez
i didnt relieze how much a stupid choice could end up destorying lives....his course touched me and opened my eyes i will never even have one dirnk knowing i will be driving
L. Siedlecki
Very educational and convenient.
J. Runderson
I appreciate that it is an On-line as I can not drive and the nearest impact panel is over an hour away. My heart is affected by the testimonials and truly has an impact on future decisions to get behind the wheel.
M. Erner
I would highly recommend this for everyone to watch it really gives u a sense on how u can change a persons live in a blink of an eye.
K. Loera
Very convenient.
S. Evard
i think this online class was very informative.
A. Craft
It was very informative and makes you really think about your choices
J. White
I have learned so much from this program.It moved me to realize I could take someones life or my own. I will never be so irresponsible. I will carry this message with me for the rest of my life.
H. Berry
this is my first time watching the victim impact panel and dui charge. These stories today where very heart felt and sad.I made the mistake once I will not make that mistake again
K. Mackenzie
Yes I would recommend to others. Very informational and a good lesson.
S. Holamon
it was a great video very moving.
L. Betancourt
dont drink and drive descions based on selfish wants will effect others.
M. Pacheco
Very informative and eye-opening.
J. Irelan
it was okay
Z. Peele
Very helpful...
S. Nasir
Easy to use
J. Wacker
Disturbing, but impactful.
D. Cammack
I prefer to do my VIP this way. It just makes since. The stories really hit home. I will never be attending one of these meetings again.
D. Lowe
as a victim of a drunk driver I know this is something that should be in our schools as well as a after effect of a violation
C. Freeman
The online class was informitive and convient to take.
B. Nowell
Sober reality
J. Eaton
It was very informative,and very sad ..myself i lost my wife and kids because of my drinking ..,i will never drink again.
D. Farley
Learning of the impacts my past actions could have and have had on others is powerful.
N. Brooker
This course has given many aspects of how drinking and driving can affect people who are both directly involved and those who families have to endure the hardship of a loss. These testimonials of victims will stay with me.
R. Alaniz
excellent program. I will never drive drunk again
M. Krsul
Excellent service, thank you!
C. Looper
This video was a real eye opener. I would highly recommend it to others, but am hoping I will never have to because that would mean they received a DUI.
D. Perre
Yes i would recommend it. It was very helpful.
K. Smith
Lesson learned :-(
D. Winkler
yes, I would this is a very eye opening. I was in tears when I was hearing about there stories. Really make you think about what you can do to others and yourself.
J. Williams
The testimonies in this program are an eye opener for me. They really hit close to home, me being a father of two girls and a husband.
J. Adams
Great :)
A. Roberts
I really learned a lot about drinking and driving I have a lot of respect for the presenters it really helped me in seeing that my actions do have consequence thank you very much
J. Burns
It was very helpful Thank you!
M. Bohn
Thank you for making your program informative, affordable, and convenient.
T. Stclair
I was impacted by the people in the videos to the point of tears. This would be an excellent program to show all high school students and or new drivers
J. Englehart
This impact panel was verying informative. I think that all can agree when I say that no one can imagine how many lives are impacted each day by DWIs and DUIs. I will say that I will most definitely recommend this to others and to even the people that has not been involved or convicted of a criminal offense.
M. Thomas
would recommend
B. Melendez
N. Harold
Thank you to all the Victims who took the time to educate everyone who were selfish enough to have to take this class in the first place, it is because of your loss, that we will forever be changed and no words can ever thank or repay your kindness or loss, but please know your heart ache is not in vein
J. Bessler
Your services our outstanding, and would recommend others to take advantage of your services.
T. Connolly
F. Roberson
This website was very convenient. It was very simple to understand as well as to navigate. Id definitely recommend this to others, I just hope I never have to.
N. Sisneros
I learned a lot. Very powerful presenters. Thank you.
S. Wellard
Very informative course and convenient also. The message and lesson to not drink in drive is very powerful.
R. Buttke
good experienced, learned the consequenses of my action
M. Bartlett
The information was very informative. It will make me think twice before I drive after drinking.
T. Kelley
I think this is such a great service. I would recommend your service even to friends who have not been arrested. This helped me a lot understanding more about the damage a drunk driver can cause.
J. Cordova
all storeies really hit a place in my heart
A. Corona-ramirez
Fast, convenient, and life-changing if you actually take the time and watch these videos. They are sobering, in more ways than one.
P. Ghica
D. Cray
Extremely well done. I learned a great deal from this panel and will never drive and drink again. It showed a lot of information I never considered and will share this with everyone I know.
Y. Hadi
Thank you for the informative stories. They truely touched my heart.
M. Jones
I felt the presentation was well done and very impactful. I was very moved by the speakers. I would recommend this website
B. Buck
Very eye opening.
L. Gunn
this was and impressive panel I learned alot on this and also put me to think that im glad I was part of the 10% that gets cought and not injure or kill somebody . I will definately recommend this to friends who still drink and drive.
E. Alfaro
Hits home and certainly gets my attention. It's not something you think about normally but I will now.
T. Skinner
services are very good , i would highly recommend you to others , and it is a side to the story you dont give enough thought to untill it is too late .
C. Barlow
i really think this panel very effective and will refer to friends and family. it really raised my awareness!!
D. Johnson
your program is very good and yes I would tell others. thank you
T. Bocanegra
The panel was very informative and eye opening. It definitely leaves an impression and impact on you as to the dangers and the error that could follow being stupid and drinking and driving. It also has a large and hollow impact on me as a Father.
M. Cantrell
Thank you
A. Bardisa
I now have a much broader understanding of the cause and effect of drinking and driving, I know that I do not want that burdon of Harming someone or their families for any such reason that can easily be prevented. I will Never drink and get behind the wheel ever again!
R. Hunt
very good display of material.
R. Masterson
This course was very informative, and it definitely made me think about my actions. I would recommend this course for others who are in college, because with classes and a hectic schedule the online class makes it more accessible to get everything done for court.
R. Mcdonnell
the services were much easier online than having to try to find a way to the group.
A. Holzhauer
Very informational!
E. Marek
This was a very educational class that helps you to see some of the consequences of your actions.
J. Smith
It worked great for me i live fifty miles from a city that has victim impacted panels.I would recommend this web to others.
M. Hoffman
I think this course is a very eye opening experience that. everyone should do and take serious.
B. Mcdavid
Very well done, going to recommend to friends to see it.rnThanks
D. Verbiest
Thank you and all of the volunteers for providing this crucial service. The importance of all offenders to be exposed to the consequences to the innocent cannot be over-expressed. It should scare the hell out of anyone with a conscience and any sense of responsibility and I feel that this presentation is spot on in doing just that. Again, I thank you.
R. Kordonowy
thank you and i appreciate the knowledge and pray for everyones lives that are effected in these situations.
B. Ray
S. Patel
Would definitely recommend online impact panel. Easy and convenient.
R. Irizarry
Very powerful stories and speakers. Very interesting and helpful.
L. Ducsak
very good program and guest speakers gave a great example of how drunk driving effects more than the actual driver
B. Troxell
I believe this is a great choice for people to learn about thinking more about their actions and how It can affect the people around you. I would definitely recommend this program to others because they will learn a lot about how they affect their community with their poor decisions.
M. Hernandez
C. Terry
Very important and heart breaking!
J. Gonzalez
Yes I would recommend this others .
W. Benjamin
I think that the class is very informative and well rounded leaving the viewers fully equipped with all sides of DUI accidents. And this helps because you can do the course from your home.
J. Goin
This Victim Impact Panel was very well presented, and can help change the way people think about drinking and driving. I would most definitely recommend this to others!.
J. Holmes
This was very impactful to me. I'll never drive drunk again.
B. Rutledge
very imformative. yes I would recommend to others
J. Peck
B. Pentt
yes is a good experience
M. Arteaga
This victim inpact panel was very touching, it made me feel very angry at my self for drinking and driving. There were points where I had to wipe tears from my face. This really opens your eyes to what kind of damage you can do to someone elses life, your familys life, and your own life.
C. Wood
I would recommend this to anyone even if they are not court summoned to do so.
V. Franklund
It was great, I will strongly recommend you!
S. Perez
The stories were very heat breaking realizing how it does affect the lives not only of the driver who has caused the accident but also even more for the families of the person killed or hurt in the other vehicle.
L. Williams
I thank you so much for providing this service. I would recommend this site to others although I pray I won't have to.
M. Ellison
helps to those that want to complete but have trouble getting a ride
N. Samuel
Very educational. Presentations were real life and impacted the emotions.
R. Martin
Very powerful!
A. Hansen
J. Bennett
I enjoyed the fact that this is available online like it is, it is a great service to those of us who need it. The information is powerful to say the least. Thank you.
N. Wowk
A wake-up call.
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Very informative, will recommended to others
R. Crudder
I would recommend everyone see this, this could save many lives and could be a eye opener to teenagers and anyone who consumes alcohol.
A. Harding
Very touching testimonials. Will make you realize how devastating the effects of drinking and driving, or even driving inattentively or irresponsibly, can have on you and others.
D. Hernandez
Very informational. I learned alot
F. Brown
I've learned a lot of things from the video clips. Drinking drunk hurts other innocence as well as myself. I'd definitely recommend these clips to others.
Z. Cai
it is very helpful
C. Burrington
I think your services are very eye opening and life changing. I would recommend you to others.
J. Bullard
I think that your services are not only productive but very touching as well. I believe that they will help thousands of people just as they did me. I appreciate this program very much and hope others will as well. I will be recommending this program to as many people as possible.Thank you very much your site is truely appreciative.
L. Trumbull
You don't realize how much you truly impact someone else's life let alone your life when you drink and drive till its said out loud and in your face. this has been an awakening for me.
E. Griggs
This was very convenient to do and worked around my very busy schedule.
J. Yeast
I think that it opens my eyes verymuch.
R. Riley
I really learned a lot from the panel and hope that more people learned their lesson as well. Thank you.
T. Pitts
I will definitely recommend this site to others. The stories were so real and so sad. It really made me open my eyes to what I did on that terrible night.
M. Wilson
I Crashed into a women while drinking and driving and have been think, what if i were her. Thank you for this program. I WILL NEVER DRIVE AGAIN.
K. Sharp
I would recommend it to others
C. Kellogg
I thank the victims for sharing their story.
L. Sierra
Thank you very much. The presentations touched my heart deeply.
F. Gathers
This was definitely an eye opening experience.
C. Robinson-thompson
Great service very touching
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I would recommend this very touching stories..
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very informative
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This class really got to me. The stories told really did the job of making me think before I decide to get behind the wheel after drinking. I would recommend this program to others in a heartbeat.
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I think that anyone that gets behind a wheel and drives after drinking should see this presentation. Hopefully that will end the madness.
K. Melnick
Yes I would recommend y'all to other people...it was very helpful
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A very effective presentation, I will recommend.
J. Koebernick
Course was intense, informative and fast!
S. Powell
Everyones story moved me so i am working on changing my bad habbits and thinking of others
M. Howard
Thank you for bringing the class to us. It was convenient to be able to connect to these people and their stories when we had time to fit it in. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.
C. Ober
I already felt horrible about what I could have done that night, but this was really horrifying. I feel bad enough knowing I COULD have done those things to someone. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if I had.
J. Franken
Very helpful course.
J. Smith
I would recommend. This Truly made me think of how stupid and irresponsible I was. Never again
H. Nichols
well i hope the message gets out too more people. I definitely would recommend it to someone else.rn
E. Iranpur
I would definitely recommend this online course to others.
A. Tuso
I think this was a very convenient, but effective way to attend the Victim Impact Panel. For those with busy schedules who still want to do the right thing after their criminal acts this is a helpful online tool in learning the gravity of the decision to get behind a wheel.
S. Gaze
The service was very educational and extremely helpful.
J. Powers
it was a great experience.
C. Whitfield
The mother of dj, brought me to tears, I am so sorry for her loss as the others that were affected by drunk drivers! I am ashamed that I have also been a drunk driver!!! I am very relieved that I have not hurt anyone in my particular case. I will never get behind the wheel of a car, while under the influence of alcohol ever again!!! I thought I was ok to drive home, I am just thankful that I was stopped by the police when I was. I wished I could thank the officers that pulled me over. They not only saved my life, but also anyone else that was driving that night!!!
S. Perras
This panel made me realize how drunk driving impacts so many innocent people
C. Lee
Very great course. Thank you
M. Allen
This impact panel was very serious about the effects of drunk driving
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Very heart felt and gets the point across
E. Mireles
Very compelling.
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Very powerful program. I can see how this would help a lot of people.
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This VIP has been a real eye opener and I would recommend to anyone who has driven a vehicle after drinking to watch.
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J. Wilson
J. Allred
It definitely left an impact on me! i believe everyone should be able to experience this program!
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Great course
J. Mitchell
It was great and informative.
P. Rizan
This course was great. i would recomend it to all people to inform them of what can happin
T. Johnson
Dealing with work, kids school & activites, this is so hassel-free and informative. A+
K. Morris
Good, quick way to do a Impact Panel.
D. Lyles
Taking this test really made me see that drinking and driving is never a good thing and all the things that can happen to you even if you are not the one driving. I would recomend this to others to take just because it is a huge eye opener.
F. Belcher
Your online services is extremely convenient and I thank you.
C. Lavelle
Very satisfied!
D. Matthews
I think the services offered are a great and flexible alternative to the traditional method to taking these classes.
D. Bowen
This really made me feel really dumb for doing this for a second time. I know that drinking period isnt for me and I am just happy that I didn't hurt someone when i broke the law. I dont plan on drinking let alone drinking and driving ever again.
J. Burt
The victim impact panel was very eye opening in how drunk or under the influence of drugs while driving not only effects you but the victims families and friends.
S. Bailey
I found it very informative. I agree that no one should drive and drink. I have always believed that and I errored when I made a choice to do so. I am very thankful that no one was hurt and I accept the responsibility of my actions.
B. Swanson
I think this is a great alternative to attending a VIP in person. I learned a lot from the videos. I would definitely recommed this to anyone needing a VIP, or even to someone that needs to educate others about the effects of drinking and driving.
S. Russell
I would recommend this to others.
D. Largusa
I recomend this to anyone who unfortunately has a dui. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER DRINK AND DRIVE AGAIN!!!!!
L. Glover
i would recommend this highly
C. Mcglauflin
I would recommend this program as well as the on line ;for there were not any courses I personally could find in the allotted time to take this particular course, so on line is very helpful yet sad to realize there are so many deaths involved. NO ONE thinks of this
K. Elmore
Was very informative
T. Cochran
thank you for this
A. Caballero
The class was really helperful to me, its show the risk of hurting people and how its effect their life in the long run. i would recommend this class to everyone that choose to drive when they have been drinking, even if they have a DUI. Thank you.
M. Mccants
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class and see the impact that drunk driving can have on many peoples lives. I will not drink and drive again.
D. Robison
This was a very informative and useful service. The panel is very compelling and important. I would definitely recommend it.
B. Warner
It was a life changing experience watching and learning how drinking and driving can hurt and effect lives. The online panel was very helpful.
J. Mattox
Extremely inspirational, and makes it very serious. great program and I appreciate all the volunteers time and share my deepest condolences.
J. Harmer
D. Holzinger
I like the service but i believe you should have more stories from victims and more pictures of the accidents! Makes you think twice!
A. Olague
Easy to pay attention to the stories and let yourself react when not sharing with others. I think it allows you to take it with the seriousness that it deserves.
R. Harbour
Even though I did this online it gave me the same impression as it would if I were there in real life. You can tell the speakers are real and deeply affected by all of the tragedies. I feel deeply sorry for each and every one of them. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested, or even anyone thinking nothing bad can happen to them.
A. Petrella
The stories i heard today will remain with me for the rest of my life. i will always think of these victims and the impact that drunk drivers can have on anyone's life every time i get into i car. i will never drive drunk again
B. Boehm
I would recommend this as the easiest way to get a VIP done.
D. Foster
I took more then i ever thought i would away from this panel
C. Pennell
I would highly recommend this to others as this is just an effective way to get the message across about drinking and driving as any.
T. Harding
Great Program very helpful
S. Waldon
This was a great tool and the stories were very personal, I would certainly recommend it to others.
M. Montondon
Yes I would highly recommend your services to the ones who don't want to travel long distances and it is very efficient to and convient to this class online.
M. Yazzie
D. Delong
The Nevada one was really good and felt more personal. The full stories made it more easy to relate, It was very emotional for me and I connected to it more. The Vermont ones were hard to remember because of all the skipping around. Over all it was great.
R. Dunn
it was interesting easy to watch and were insiteful and eye-opening. it shows the impact on drinking and driving has on families
J. Oxentine
The videos were a great eye-opener. The videos have a great impact on me because of all the stories and experiences that were shared and the different scenarios in which DUI's have occurred. This was a great victim impact panel course and I would strongly recommend this to others. Thank you.
F. Ramirez
This impact panel was an eye opener. The people involved and volunteer for this should be commended for giving their time and reliving the tramua that only they can tell. I have shared this website with someone and hope they will take advantage of it.
K. Ostrom
This was an amazing service.
R. Donnellan
Very good, would recommend to others.
S. Hawkins
Very poweerful moving testimony. It will make you rethink your how your actions affect others..
T. Rutherford
Thanks guys really helped out
J. Hill
I really apreciate that this service is available. It made it easier to get this accomplished around my work schedule, but was still informative enough to be affective.
B. Stone
Very informative and honest. It made me realize the impact on others that I had not considered. I will never get behind the wheel after having a drink and would highly recommend this service to anyone in need.
B. Baker
Thank you.
C. Archer
this was a very imformative panel, the stories effected me dearly.
L. Acosta
yes it was a very informative convenient way for me t complete this panel. i'd recommend it to all who cannot take off work or get off work to do this a it is very informative.
C. Rigsby
I'm sorry that i ever did it and will pray and never do it again. listening to the stories made me think alot and I"m sorry to all the people who lost family memeber because of it.
S. Scott
Despite not being able to attend an Impact Panel in person, I was truly touched by the stories that were presented. While we are all well informed as to the dangers of drinking and driving, I don't think the average person thinks beyond the potential punitive consequences. This Impact Panel truly gives a face to the dangers of drunk driving.
D. Graef
It was very informative, it made me cry and it made me think. Pending that I can use this for my court requirements I would definitely has recommend this.
T. Ruddock
Very good stories from the presenters to make a point to the audience the effect that drinking and driving has on people that weren't doing anything wrong.
N. Hidalgo
I think the services of having an online impact panel can really change the difference on the road and the decisions one makes after committing or being tempted into drinking alcohol and driving.
J. Kim
This was Super heplful and easy to understand. Feels like i am at a MAAAD class .
J. Cisneros -herrera
I felt that this course was touching, and showed the emotional aspects of drinking and driving.
J. Worley
Very moveing. Made me reasize what effect my actions have on those around me
L. Harper
These videos have been very insightful and have definitely made me think twice about driving under the influence again. Myself and others lives are too valuable to put at risk.
T. Winegeart
i think it is a good program. i makes you think twice about drinking and driving
M. Smith
It was informative about the dangers of drunk driving to others.
K. Simmons
very informational allowed me to complete my victim impact panel on my own time
N. Parrish
i had some trouble at first, but your customer service was great and thank you for working with me this was very eye opening and informing.
L. Lee
This course was very impactful! As I was watching it I really could see what these victims were going through and I thought about my family and how devistating injuries or death to my family would ultimately impact me and my family. The statistic of only 10% of influenced drivers caught was very alarming! Ultimately even though it is emotional to watch I would recomend it to others for sure!
B. Reel
Thank you very much for letting me pay for my stupidity.
J. Campos
The presenters were very powerful. Listening to them really hits home how selfish and needless drunk driving is. I will never drive after having any alcohol again. This has been a great service. Scheduling and driving to a physical VIP would have been very difficult and this has made the process much more doable. Thank you very much for this service.
T. Weeks
This service is greatly appretiated, it makes you stop and think that it is not just you that is effected by this, the devastation goes farther than that. Not only could I have destroyed my life I could have ruined the lives of many others, mothers, fathers, wives, children the list goes on and on.
D. Clegg
Doing this Online course made it easier and convenient for me to take. I could work at my own pace and watch when I had time. I didn't have to rely on a ride to take me to the meeting in the community
K. Snider
Yes I would recommend this. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do each and every day and to be inhibited is the worst thing you can do
A. Hoffman
I think your services are very important for people like me, who made the most irresponsible decision of my life by getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. I was very moved by the stories of the victims, and their pain. I thank you for your service to the community.
M. Scalzitti
I think that the impact panel is a very good program that heightens awareness of the effects of innocent people that suffer at the hands of irresponsible people.
B. Peach
Great presentation, very information and hit home hard. I would highly recommend your services to others.
J. Kenneally
Great services. Definitely an eye opener. One doesn't realize the impact drinking and driving has until you hear it directly from the people who have been impacted. I would recommend this to others, regardless if its a required course or not.
A. Hernandez
The Impact Panel made quite a difference. I would like to know if others can see it without payment before they make an accident occur.
E. Vanwormer
Had to watch it twice but very informative just didn't pay attention to dates and names
J. Grandstaff
I think people should have to watch this way before getting a DUI....teenagers and such
J. Gould
This was highly educational and touched home to me. I realize with my DUI although nobody was injured how horrible it oculd have been. From my experience and these videos I now know that although many people complain about the amount of money spent of DUI legally, it is nothing compared to the damage that could have really been done. Thank you.
L. Moriarty
Great videos! Certainly will make people think twice before even considering D&D.
G. Rhoades
Highly informitive & really makes you think about how your actions can impact others in a negetive way. makes someone think about ever driving while drinking again.
M. Adkins
Great course, very informative and emotionaly moving.
G. Bode
i think that every highschool student should watch this it may make a huge difference.I commend those who take the time out of their day to do these things to help prevent more deaths and injuries from drunk drivers.i would definitely reccomend this site to everyone. Thank you for helping me to understand more of the impacts on others and not just ourselves
J. Chaney
C. Tubbs
I appreciate this option as I was moving overseas when this happened. To do this is a court requirement and they do not have these panels in the country I live now, so it enabled me to meet the court requirement.
H. Smith
I thought it was great
J. Acevedo
I don't think we really ponder the reprecussions of what might happen when we make the decision to drive even after one drink. The truth is, most people do it. I thank God I wasn't involved in an accident and that nobody was injured as a result of my decision to drive. Watching the videos, I am even more certain in my decision not only to never drink and drive, but to never drink again.
J. Sawyer
Very Insightful
J. Williams
They were very helpful.
J. Handy
I am very glad I took this course. It really opened my eyes to the damage you or another person could do to someone or their families. My heart goes out to all the families and innocent victims of drunk drivers and I would definitely recommend this to others!
R. Kent
This was definitely an impact... more than I expected! Thank you for your service.
N. Timm
Great plan for DUI offenders.
K. Rokicki
yes this was very emotional for me and really touched home withthings.
S. Burdick
I definately will not drive drunk again. Too many people, lives and well being, are effected by your action. Which, by all accounts, is in itself dumb.
A. Chandler
I found this to be extremely heartfelt and full of information. It was very convenient due to the amount of time and the way it is broken into sections.
J. Gonzalez
I would recommend this to others. I think the speakers really let you know how the consequences of drinking and driving effected there lives. This website was very easy to navigate and its nice that it was only $50
J. Lett
we could have impact panels where i reside from n arizona, this would benefit my community. i have sat through the panel and thought about what could a would happen to me or my family or the innocent people out there. ia am glad i took this online course.i
P. Perry
This program brings a different outlook to the effects of drunk driving. It shows you the effects it has on the others involved and the people that were innocent, the people who deserve to still have their lives. This is a very good program and I would recommend it to anybody, not just people who drink and drive but people who drink or do drugs period.
J. Blackburn
This program was very convenient. The material was very well put together and very informative.
T. Nelson
I had to do this online, and It definitely did have an impact.
N. Chrusciel
I BAWLED MY EYES OUT, but derservingly so. I do not plan on drinking much more from here on out, but if I do, I hope that I remember what I saw here today. I do not look forwad to trying to fall asleep tonight.
D. Pitts
It is shocking to hear what happen to the victims and how it has affected their life. The panel provides you a good picture of the consequences of drinking and driving and how important it is to not drive when you are under the influence.
J. Lopez
I think it is a very crucial learn. I truly don't think people believe it could happen to them and these videos kind of show it happens to normal people and it could be any of us so don't drink and drive!
D. Torsen
I think this was very insightful! I would definitely recommend this to everyone to watch, DUI or not. Court ordered or not.
T. Coppola
I have never thought about what happens to other people from people. I always just thought it was affecting and hurting me not others and their family. Now I see the pain other people and families have gone through. I wont drive under the influence again. I'm sorry for the families and others hurt!!!
A. White
Thank You.
A. Bond
I would never in life even have a nother drink. and only wish I could turn back time and never have been on the road driveing!
R. Pincuspy
This is better than going to an all day thing
D. Davidson
This was a good service. It brought tears to my eyes with some of the stories told. I am one of those lucky one that still has a choice to stop this and never let it happen again. This hit really close to home.
K. Christian
Very powerful videos, they certainly have given me a ton of information, and set in stone that I will not drive under the influence ever again. Thank you.
J. Teters
Really an eye opening experience. I feel so terrible for all of the people who are negatively impacted by drunk drivers. I'm glad I got to experience this online.
J. Hughes
I thought it was great. Its helpful to hear how drinking and driving affects the innocents ones who are just at the wrong place and time.
H. Rogers
Yes, I would recommend to others, I really felt like I was at the panel. These were great videos.
Q. Griffin
It was touching. Thank you. One way that might make more impactful could be by tapping into individual states for more statistics that are state related as well as nation wide. I
J. Schmitt
This is a very good alternative to going to a live VIP. The stories are very moving and make you think about the true consequences of driving under the influence. Thank you for offering such a powerful program!
T. Harman
Thank you for providing an easy and quick way to complete the victims impact panel.
S. Freimuth
Your service was very much needed by myself. I don't drive without a license and I was able to complete my Victim Impact Pannel from home. I would recomend your service to anyone I knew who was in my situation. Thank you.
T. Rafferty
Very Educational. Defiantly am never going to drive drunk again.
L. Gaskill
Very Good Video makes you think very hard about the consuquences of Dinking and Driving And How and what to expect from an accident with a Druck Driver.
I. Lopez
I've never realized how damaging my choices could be to so many people, this was truly eye opening
K. Palmer
The volume of the 2nd and 3rd panels is very hard to hear. Presentations were excellent
M. Whitfield
It was very heartbreaking and eye opening
J. Kellogg
It was really helpful and life changing. I would recommend this to others and this is one guy you guys have change and I thank you
R. Smith
This is a good program, but it doesn't suit everybody. I was walking when I got my MIC. I have lost close friends because of drunk drivers so I will never get behind the wheel. there should be a video about what happens more for when your not in a car also.
C. Reed
I wanted to say that this is definitely an eye opener. I think it's important for everyone, not just those in trouble with the law, but even young kids and seasoned drivers to be reminded of the effects of driving under the influence has on other people.
S. Waugh
This panel was a realization of the truth. Do not drink and drive
J. Brooks
J. Ryan
I think the volunteers that share their stories have alot of impact and make you think alot more into detail about the consequences that even one drink can cause. I would recommend this to anyone that has a drinking problem or has ever had a dui.
K. Cain
Educational and Shocking.
D. Bell
This was a very informative course. There was a lot of good information given and it was convenient to be able to learn at home. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. Thank you victim impact panel online for the great learning experience.
J. Blackmon
very informative
J. Dietz
I really enjoyed this online victim impact panel. The stories were very moving and I learned a lot.
A. Shaver
Very well done
J. Gilleg
Very educational.
P. Hastings
It opened my eyes to the other side of the consequences to drinking and driving. I think it should be mandatory for kids just starting to drive.
C. Frederick
I'm so glad I found this---I did my risk training online also--after seeing how terribly offenders are treated at the VIPs, this was much better and affordable.
D. Lundquist
This is a good way to inform people of the effects that drunk driving has on innocent people and their lives,one drink is too many
D. Mccormick
I think it is a great program to teach to people.
R. Teague
I felt this panel video made me realize how others are affected it was a good learning experience
R. Sanchez
Very educational and emotionally impacting
V. Rincon
This impact panel was very eye opening. One dosen't realize how your decision to drink and drive can change your or possibly someone else's life forever. I would recomend this to anyone that has ever driven under the influence.
V. Bloxham
Thank you
T. Lee
I thought it was very eye opening into a very scary world. Life changing.
K. Shaffer
At first I didn't know what to do, I tried to go to the Victims panel class in this area, but no classes in this area until April or later. I found your class on the Website and watched it three times. I will view it from time to time in the future too. I feel this is a good program and I learned a lot about how a person can cause so much hurt and devastation to others by not facing up to responsibility and driving under the influence of alcohol.
E. Soule
This course makes you feel just as much as i think you would in person. VERY emotional!
K. Wunglueck
i'm glad this coarse is available online since i dont have a vechicle to drive or a driver licsences. thanks
D. Scott
You guys do make a big difference. Thank you for everything u do.
D. Clasby
the class was great! I would recommend everyone who drives take this course.
C. Laughery
This was extreely powerful. It has deeply changed my lire.
N. Parker
It was great very emotional and really makes you think!
R. Carlson
I found the Online Impact Panel to be effective and easy to use, I would most definitely recommend this website to anyone that I know.
D. Riojas
This online impact panel puts your decisions and the consequences for those decisions in a more realistic manner. We all know what could possibly happen when we choose to go out and drink, these videos help you to realize that it could be your family in one of these videos, or that you could be the reason that someone else is in one of these videos, I would recommend it to others.
C. Young
The services were very helpful, and informational, I had no idea how my iresponsible choices affect so many other people. I would recommend it to anyone
M. Misuraca
I think that the service was great. I wasn't able to attend a VIP in person; however, the interviews and stories were still very gripping from watching them online. Thank you and I would definitely recommend your service. However, I am hoping that I would not need to.
D. Jacobs
I would recommend to all.
G. Brannum
The story's were very touching and really made me think about how my decisions can change someone eleemosynary life.
E. Ramirez
This was an excellent course on the effects of drinking and driving and how it impacts innocent victims. It was very educational. It has made a great influence on my perception of how just a tiny amount of alcohol can affect one's ability to handle a vehicle.
P. Presley
Unbelievably informative and truly conveys the message of how destructive the irresponsible act of driving while or under the influence really is. Through the victim's stories one really gets the idea of how severe a problem this is. I definitely will recommend the Online Impact Panel to others, as a great intimate way to comply with court requirements and reflect personally on the next step in life armed with this new knowledge.
F. Valle
Very enlighting and very sad
J. Fitten
Very interesting information. sad.
W. Yagloski
I was made to take this course as part of my sentencing and have put it off as long as possible to complete. I am a mother of two and listening to the different speakers and how this effects everyone's lives is an awakening for me. I have continued to be irresponsible with my drinking and driving but after visiting your site and watching your speakers has opened my eyes to my recklessness and carelessness. I want to make my friends and family watch these panels and hope that they take from this what I just did. A sense of responsibility for my self and actions. Thank you
A. Recio
Very helpful and informative. A great inside look at the ugly side of drinking, the pain, and the consequences. I reccomend this class for anyone who takes the road to recovery seriously or for someone who wants to be well informed of the dangers of drunk driving. Very inspirational the strength these people have and the bravery they have to speak about it.
J. Leigh
Very informational about the impact of drunk driving not only to one's health but to others that may be impacted by one's selfish decision to drink and drive. I would recommend this to others.
D. Dix
I learned alot from the victim impact panel..The speakers were very well spoken and stories that can touch us so deeply that u would not have a conciense if you drink and drive ever again. I have learned that i can save lives by calling a designated driver
I. Sprague
Yes I would recommend this site to others. It was very informative and eye opening. Scary and earth shattering to see what a careless night of drinking can do to others.
P. Silver
I have a three year old son now and could not think what it would be like to lose him to a drunk/impaired driver. I have made changes in my life so that it will not happen again. Im lucky that no one was hurt and that i still have a chance to make a difference
S. Davis
I believe your experiences struck a cord , tragedies were easily felt through the speakers everlasting emotional involvement, and the core basis of their motivational drive to correct these problems.
S. Mccollum
Its good cause I can do it on my own time
J. Matthews
I have currently loss a Soldier to an accident I is not a experience we as people should have to deal with or tell someones family they have to bury somebody.
C. Mitchell
Im done drinking.
J. Goins
The videos were great, a real eye opener.
W. Stillwell
M. Roggenkamp
Taking course for information only. Very enlightening. All drivers should be required to complete course.
F. Chapman
That is a good course!
Q. Cheng
Thank you for your online support.
A. Holzerland
Good course
C. Sumner
Very impacting allot of those story's brought tears to my eyes thank you for the knowledge
S. Dorrington
It was a very good course. I would recommend it to anyone.
K. Dixon
Your message was herd loud and clear
T. Briley
It was a good course and very educational
J. Smelser
These stories really make you realize what an impact bad choices can make to innocent strangers everywhere.
J. Nordlund
Great panel really lets you see how we affect innocent lives
R. Thomason
Awesome opportunity to complete online, thanks! I would definitely recommend to others...
M. Hath
My name is Jason. This is my first DUI and after watching this impact panel I can say for the life of me I'm going to try my hardest to make it my last. This panel was extremely vivid, motivational,and honestly scary. I would definitely recommend to others who might need it. Thank you.
J. Armour
It was very informational and ensures that I will never drink and drive again. It also puts a feeling of guilt inside me to even think that it was alright to get behind the wheel after drinking.
N. Shadid
I think that your services are really educational and very eye opening. I would recommend this to others including my family members with alcohol problems. Thank you for giving me this life changing opportunity and to all of your presenters that made me realize my wrong doings.
A. Ramirez
Very powerful testimonials. My heart goes out to all thee victims and their families. My father and brother in-law were killed my a drunk driver and the images will never leave me.
T. Mott
I can only hope more courts get on board with this online class. Done very well. Courses that are done in person have an exponentially higher possibility of being a "bad" class. A teacher has a bad day or their kids are sick could cause negative impact on the class where the online course is 100% the same class over and over. I've enjoyed the flexibility of being able to stay home to complete this course.
T. Offe
Some of the stories were an eye opener for me, at first didnt really think this was a real site. Almost felt fake, sure hope it wasnt.
S. Mulligan
It left me quite shaken, which I'm sure was part of the intended purpose. You did a wonderful job in presenting experiences from how lives are changed due to drinking and driving and yes, this should be highly recommended for others to view.
A. Peterson
I thought it was very sad but very helpful. I would recommend to anyone.
M. House
It truly touched me and will never drink in drive again. I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt anybody due to drinking and driving.
S. Styles
This was a very very interesting video and program this would touch many peoples heart.
C. Jaimes
It was very informative and powerfull
K. Dow
it was good and a eye opener
J. Fusco
This is my first time driving under the influence and also my first time being arrested. I plan on having these two things be my first and last. I did not know what this panel would be like but it has honestly touched me.
A. Vo
I am so depressed after watching this video but I know it could never compare to the depression those poor people feel. Thank god I never killed anyone and get a second chance to never drive intoxicated again and also to spread the word to my friends and family about how much someone's life can change just so we can avoid cab fare. Thank you
J. Quinn
Yes, I would recommend this to others. I think the Victim Impact Panel should be required to take in drivers training. Thank you!
D. Shank
The test is very convenient to take for someone without a driver's license.
B. Doyle
I believe this is a great service for the victims impact panel. It allows you to do the impact panel from home, since it can be difficult to find a panel in your area. Plus the quiz at the end makes sure you are paying attention and getting to know the impact that the results of drunk driving have on the victim.
B. Craig
i think this is a good service and would recommend it to others
A. Chapman
yes i would recommend this course to others and i have had some definate reassurance about not drinking and driving myself. thank you!
D. Islas
I am very lucky I did not hurt myself or anyone else, a lesson has been learned and this mistake will never happen on my part. The work you guys do has touched me and this is one person you have moved in the right direction with new light.
M. Greene
This class was very helpful and informatory. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to learn and hear about the consequences of driving drunk.It made me realize the impact the decision not only has on my life but more importantly others on the road and their families.
C. Alligood
I found that the Victims Impact Panel was very informative. I believe that Aberdeen, SD should have the same thing available for the community here. I believe it would be very helpful to everyone. Thank you.
T. Roebuck
Your service is great. Testimonies are the best of it because they made me think about my irresponsability of driving under the influence. thanks
J. Perez-arteaga
It was really motivational
T. Mathew
This course was very informative and helpful. I would recommend it to others.
C. Lane
The video i watched are life changing. Wont drink and drive again
J. Sylvan
This was very effective in manner. Almost as potent as being in the room with those people. Great website.
J. Easler
I will always remember that my actions effect others. This panel has helped me realize that the first thing that goes with drinking is judgement. I will never drink and drive again.
B. Graves
Online Impact Panel was a great tool to help me understand why it is perilous to drink and drive and the very real consequences of the actions of a drunk driver. I would recommend to anyone who is at-risk.
D. Moriarty
Drunk driving is a horrible thing to do. After seeing so many people suffer, it is something i never want to put myself through, and worse, put anyone else through because of my actions. i may drink again in the future, but will never ever touch a set of car keys even if i had a drop of alcohol. thank you for this experience.
Y. Kim
This was a very informative session. I was skeptical at first because this was online, however the videos went into much depth regarding the impact of how drunk driving affects other innocent bystanders from such a preventative measure.
P. Rider
I felt the presenters were eloquent in expressing their stories and conveying the range of emotions they experienced from their encounters with drunk drivers.
T. Pearson
I suggest showing to all students prior to age they can legally drive!
M. Gibson
Very informative. Thanks.
S. Guthmiller
i think this is very effective, if this could be mandatory to young drivers een elderly each year it would have a better impact on peoples choices and outlooks on life today.
C. Davis
Really made me think. I'm 18 so I don't drink yet but when I do I will not drink and drive.
E. Giles
The program is very efficient, but it sacrifices nothing in impact for that efficiency. It pulls no punches. Enormously powerful and effective at communicating a clear and tragic message.
D. Mccumber
Very convenient and heart-felt.
R. Perez
This panel impacted me personally and emotionally. I will never get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, not only for the sake of myself, but more for the sake of others. I feel terrible when listening to the panels stories and know the extremely terrible things that are possible when driving drunk. I will definately recommend this service to others. Thank you
J. Frank
I think this was a very good program. I learned so much about how driving drunk impacts the other innocent people in the world.
J. Brown
R. Pratt
Excellent information. Really drove the point home
N. Sgroi
Yes I would.
D. Hernandez
Very good. more people will watch this & listen as a result of it being online.
J. Thomas
Its nice that you dont have to worry about a ride to the panel. I can start probation off right ..thanks
A. Hodges
I would recommend your service. It made me think twice about everything and think of my family and friends.
C. Bullock
The service is excellent and yes I would recommend to others. Its easly accessed and can be done right away. I guess you never think about the consequences until it's to late but by taking this course it has really opened my eyes to things that could happen to any person drinking and driving and to the innocent. I will from now on not drink and drive.
J. Martinez
This was a great program. Being able to do the panel online was very nice. It was very touching and makes you remember how valuable life really is. I would recommend this program to others.
J. Reed
This was a lot better doing at home
M. Bellesine
Very Informative and useful. Makes you stop and think
D. Gorr
This online panel is great. My drivers suspension made it difficult go in person..
J. Boyd
Very illuminaing
S. Maida
Your class has made me never want to drink and drive again.
J. Culliton
I think that by providing such personal and tragic stories such as the ones shared on these videos is great.
J. Diaz
It was very informative and brought things to my attention.
C. Herrman
Great Victim Impact Panel!rn
R. Weisberg
This should be show to all drivers be for driveing licnes are given out.
J. Sarman
it was a great experience and taught me a lot. made me really think about the consequences of my actions. I will take what i've learned from these testimonials with me always.
J. Swift
I thought this site was very good. The videos that were showed had really touched my heart and has changed my prospective on drinking and driving.
G. Mcintyre
very enlighting every one should see this before getting there licence
W. Neely
I would recommend this to others. It's much easier to complete on a tight schedule. Also, the testimonials were very impactful.
B. Sautter
Very informative, I learned a lot.
M. Porter
Saw how drinking and driving can affect you and others. I will recommend
C. Yanez
Very eye opening great panel
B. Alt
Thank you it was very eye opening.
R. Young
very informational video. made me realize effects on other people of drunk driving.
J. Pruitt
I found it to be easier to do at my own pace. Wish I had taken more notes. Didn't expect to have to remember dates of incidents and victims names. I would highly reccomend this to anyone who is court ordered to do so. Thank you!
A. Michalski
Very informative - makes you think!
T. Carr
Your impact panel is a real eye opener and makes you realize the people you can affect by being stupid. I would definatly recomend to others.
D. Ledeaux
I think that this is something hat should be shown to people before they ever are given the opportunity to drink and drive.
G. Padgett
I found the Online Impact Panel to be very moving and it did indeed impact the way I think about drunk driving. I wish I could extend my sympathy to the victims.
G. Mcneal
I feel it was a very valuable tool. i work graveyard and me and my wife have np time to take a class. im so glad that i had the chance to learn what these videos teach.
J. Drew
I would reccommend you to others. I learned a lot and it was fast and easy!
B. Webb
This was a wonderful, eye opening experience. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping to prevent drunk driving.
S. Knight
I'll not only recommend you, i'll tell anyone i know how i felt after this VIP class, i think evreyone in this world has to see this to learn how people can disgrace anyone's life in just a blink, thank you very much!
M. Paredes
This is a very emotional and hard to watch video and course. Hopefully this effects other people as it has effected me. Often times people do not think past their own consequences and fail to realize that their actions and decisions, especially when under the influence, have far more serious implications than what is presented in front of them. People make mistakes, we must learn from them in order to become better people and make better decisions.
M. Garcia
I am currently awaiting the court date for my third DWI charge. Until now, I had never even heard of this course much less been told to take it. If I had, I don't believe I would be in the position that i'm in today.
C. Shelton
I found the Impact Panel was very informative and i am glad that i watched this video before i injured or killed an innocent victim.
C. Calder
Thank you! :)
B. Wright
I think that this program is pretty cool deal. I think that people that get caught should have to go thru a class like this.
L. Ju
Great to be able to do this online.
D. Fisette
After taking the Online Impact Panel, I found the course to be very informative and life changing. I would gladly recommend this course to others if needed.
M. Freeman
Very effective and teaches you a very good lesson
T. Solomon
It was very educational and inspirational. I would recomend it.
C. Stites
I would definitely recommend your services to others needing to take VIP courses. It was incredibly easy to partake in and very effective. The stories touch your heart and really hit home.
L. Smaroff
It was meaningful
J. Lee
I think this was very helpful, not only because there is not an impact panel near by but the information was very insightful.
T. Ellis
True but very sad stories.
D. Kanapin
This website gave me the knowledge i need to never repeat the mistake i have made again, and the bonus of being able to take the course at home was great.
C. Ezell
This presentation shows we are all affected by those who chose to drive after consuming alcohol
R. Deluz
I would highly recommend this service to others. Gaining admittance to a Victim Impact Panel that only meets once a month and has limited seating is a nightmare when you are facing criminal charges for not fulfilling court ordered requirements. The online impact panel has saved me and hopefully they can save you too.
K. Rudick
Great course. Beats going to the actual thing.
B. Hardiek
Thank you for the rude awakening, very resourceful.
T. Bridges
B. St John
The video was very touching and I appreciate the people in the videos.
C. Fayant
Thanks! :)
P. Daugherty
your class help me out to see how bad drunk drink driving effects bystanders. yes i would recommend your class to other people.
C. Rathbone
To see the impact one mistake can make on so many innocent lives is a very humbling experience. I pray that this course makes an impact on everyone who watches this, as it did mine.
J. Degroot
I gratefully and thankful that i am able to take the class that i didn't hurt anyone. I know the consequences of drinking driving and i will not drink and drive again this online class is good for the ones who have a suspended licence so they don't get in trouble again plus its convenient
R. Villarreal
Great program definitely would recommend it.
R. Pearsall
It was an incredibly course with deeply emotional videos and stories.
B. Everitt
i think this is a very informative and passionate program for the ability to maintain focus and compassion, was surprised at the people and stories that they shared. i would reacommend this to anyone that had or just want to watch this.
V. Smith
This course is very effective.
M. Schroeder
Very effective and impactful. Thank You.
K. Madey
Thank you for life changing stories
M. Adams
This was very educational on drinking and driving. I will never drink and drive again. The results from drinking and driving is devastating to you or someone else's family. The lives that are at stake from drinking and driving could be innocent bystanders, so take heed of what you do each and every day. Thank all the people that put this together, this was not only inspirational but life changing. Thanks and have a nice day!
J. Peacock
I think these testimonials definately made an impact emotionally to me as I realize the pain and suffering these people have endured and live with daily because of the results of an accident caused by a drunk driver. I realize what a responsibility I have when driving a vehicle or being in a car with anyone who could be impaired has on society and human lives. I know it is a privelidge to drive and respect the ability to operate a motor vehicle. I will never put anyone in harm by being impaired when driving a vehicle.
M. Tipton
I think this service is meaningful and necessary. It has really opened my eyes on another level beyond my own awakening. I would definitely recommend this service to others. I know it's hard but, please keep going. God bless!
T. Parker-mcleod
Well done. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Please keep up this tremendous work.
R. Waters
It made me take notes and lisen to each ones story
S. Cunningham
This video was very educational as well as horrifiying and heartbreaking, even though I am going through this class because of my poor decision to drink and drive I want to say my heart goes out to the victims and families of the tragedies of drinking and driving. I would recommend that this kind of class should be part of the course for begginer drivers to get their license because this video should have a major impact on anyone that gets behind a wheel.
B. Lusk
Yes i would recommend this class to others. This is the best online class.
M. Ayers
Good service. Very compelling stories from real life victims. Thought provoking.
K. Alexander
I think this impact panel was extremely effective and really shows you what can and does happen when you drink and drive. It is also convenient for DUI offenders to have the option to take the course online, especially when many of then have limited transportation
M. Voje
I received a DUI and was required to fulfill this Victims Panel, that being said watching the series of videos in this presentation was one the most emotionally horrifying and terrible things I have ever experienced. It was incredibly life changing; I could never imagine being responsible for an alcohol or drug related accident let alone a family member or friend dying because of such an accident. After this and all the expenses, inconveniences, and heartache from this DUI i plan on changing many aspects of my life! This website was incredibly helpful and really helped when i needed it, I would recommend it to anyone. Thank You!
K. Vague
The panel is well needed and a great idea from all the people involved. Those who attend and care also paying attention should learn a message from each individual and think twice about getting behind the wheel drinking.
J. Jackson
I would definitely recommend these services to others that may unfortunately find themselves in such a selfish situation because the stories here are very eye opening.
A. Lopez
The online course was great. Thank you for offering this. Yes, I would recommend this to others.
M. Walden
Thank you for taking the time to put this online panel together. The information was purposeful and put things into perspective. I know that I never want to put another person in these victims position by getting behind the wheel intoxicated. My heart goes out to all victims. Thanks again.
J. Welker
It was eye opening testimonials and I will always remember what was presented.
K. Eyler
I believe it is very empowering for everyone to see an learn from. I'm glad I had the opportunity.
K. York
It is very important to see how our choices effect the lives of others and to see their pain
T. Skuraton
Thank you to all for sharing their stories with me. God bless!
A. Knight
I appreciate the option to be able to do the victims panel online, it has made it easier and faster to get it done for my court requirement, especially since I don't have a car and have a suspended license right now. I have actually been to one before, in person, when I took drivers ed and the online option was just as informative and just as good as the in person impact panel. I would definitely recommend you to others who are required to do a victims panel or even for people that I feel need to hear this kind of information and stories.
A. Biell
Thank you. Profound.
A. Nichols
I believe this online program is very helpful to us that do not drive and live in a very rural area. The speakers told of their frightening experiences with heart and sincerity.
T. Hill
I would recommend the services to others it was very educational and moving.
M. Bell
Thank you very much for the class it was very informative and helpful.
M. Deangelis Ii
This online alternative to the victim impact panel has been vastly helpful to me because due to the same reason i have been court ordered to take the class i subsequently lost my driving privileges making it difficult to attend the panel in person. I have also taken a different and sympathetic point of view from the panel that will definitely influence my choices in the future.
D. Canady
I was a great presentation and it feels you were there sitted in the auditorium with the victims and offenders.
P. Ortiz
The stories told in this Class are very sad and make you think about the impact that you have on the road when you drive drunk. They did a good job at conveying the message. I will never drive drunk again.
D. Snyder
I would highly recommend this service to others.
H. Koch
The victom impact panel help to show the seriousness of drunk driving. it shows personal experiences of normal people, and really hit home for a broad audience. Thank you for sharing your stories.
D. Leiniger
It's very emotional to view.I would recommend it be played every news station everyday with the evening news. Different stories, different people, The news is always mostly bad news already.
T. Cote
This impact panel course was a big eye opener to myself, thank you all who were involved in the making of this course. Drinking and Driving is something I will never do again in my life.
L. Muniz
Online Impact Panel was an incredible convenience. Being a previous attendee of a Victim Impact Panel seminar, I believe this online application was quite well constructed, so as to relay an effectively impactive representation of the potential risks involved in drunk driving.
E. Hornaday
Very informative. This program has made an impact with me.
M. Harris
This DUI impact panel has really effected the way i think about drinking and driving. I wont do it again.
L. Wolleat
I would definitely recommend this to others. After everything I had to go through due to me drinking and driving to include telling my family and friends what had happened, the way I thought people seen me is not something i even want to experience again. I will never drink and drive again. I encourage others to do the same in hope that they will or have learned from my mistake.
D. Wheeler
A good way to meet this judicial obligation.
C. Swanson Cain
Thank you to the victims who provided their stories. It was very moving to watch and see firsthand the impact of driving drunk.
S. Hollar
I would refer this course. It allows you to view segments several times rather then in person you only hear something once. Some of the statistics are worth listening to over and over. It was a moving experience.
D. Hartwick
Thank you for all of the interviews. People, including myself, tend to think of only themselves and don't realize all their actions effect everyone else. It was tear jerking hour.
A. Dankenbring
Very thought provoking! Makes me realize that I never want to be a victim or the cause of a drunk driving incident. Everyone who has a license should have to attend this panel when they first get their license as well as upon renewal. Thanks.
M. Dominesey
I live in a very rural area and without my license getting to a VIP in person would be very difficult. This made is easier and was very educational and informative.
K. Goodell
Very amazing how strong these individuals are to share their stories. I hope that everyone gets as much from this as I did. Thanks
D. Collins
Very powerful
D. Malone
It hit home hard makes you think about how you could hurt someone or yourself so easy
A. Lindsay
Victim Impact Panel is very impacting! How important it is for every DUI/DWI offender to see just how much drinking and driving effects everyone. The stories are real and so are the lives lost.
C. Churchill
Learned many things from this video. It has been very helpful to open my eyes to the truth of drunk driving.
B. Lestourgeon
It was very informative.
T. Johnson
The stories are very sad, even before my DUI, I knew what could happen. I have seen it first hand and suffer from PTSD now, due to my personal experience. I have never truly seen the impact on others before tonight. I don't drink as often now, and I won't drive again if I've had a drink.
S. Catron
Very convenient, fast and easy yet still informational and full of emotion. Great program!
S. Heikkila
Nice to have for the convenience. Couldn't make it to a local meeting cause of dates held on.
S. Higgins
This is a very informative look into the lives that have been affected by drinking and driving from different parts of the country. It just shows that drinking and driving is deadly no matter where you live.
D. Johnson
The service was very informative and i learned alot and i will recommend it to others . Thank you
J. Sumner
The presenters were very powerful and made me see things from a new perspective. The live panels are backed up for months. This was most definitely a time saver.
M. Foote
Yes i would recomend this service again. I have a difficult work schedule that made it very hard for me to make it to a panel in person. So this made it very convenient for me. The stories were very moving.
R. Etter
Very informative
G. Turner
I highly appreciate the dedication and the testimonies by the survivors and affected loved ones. From this experience, I have truly taken away the real meaning of drunk driving and will never put others at danger by putting myself behind the wheel of a car drunk ever again. I really thank you all for your hard work and will certainly recommend the course to others as I consider it vital and fatal if not considered and applied.
C. Waller
R. Wood Iv
I think that your service are a good dead to the country. It helps show people that are driving wile intoxicated what happens to the other people on the road because of their selfish actions. i would put more pictures on here of some of the injuries because some people are more visual learners and that might flash in there head if they ever decide to drive drunk. the stories might be hard to remember for someone whose memory is filled with years of drinking.
M. Talbert
This is a great learning experience. Heart wrenching. Thank you for taking the time do put this together.
S. Rawlings
It was helpful to find out what my drinking and driving could have caused. Thank God that I never hurt anyone. I will not take this chance again. I have stopped drinking and these videos will remind me to not drink.
K. Patterson
I felt every personal story and would definitely recommend this to others who aren't aware of the consequences of drinking and driving. I learned a lot and absolutely will never drink and drive. I don't even agree with drinking period.
N. Mcpike
I recommend this course! Message heard loud and clear!
J. Hughes
I found the stories very moving and the fact that these were people who could've been my friends and neighbors really struck me while I was watching. "There but for the Grace of God go I."
G. Proto
Very intense panels and victims, their stories were heartfelt and sad. Thank you for the opportunity of watching the videos, my infractions have given me an eye opener to life and will change my decisions forever.
R. Arce
What i saw on these videos was very helpful, at times it was very hard for me to watch this, however, that was good for me to see this. i would recommend this to anyone who is having trouble with drinking and driving, or any kind of impared driving. thank you
J. Schwartz
It was very informative and i would recommend to others.rn
D. Walker
Thanks to all the volunteers who make this great program possible. I am sorry to all for the horrible things they have suffered and are continuing to suffer. This program makes sure I won't contribute to making another innocent victim nor hurt their families.
M. Reiner
D. Moody
I felt really impacted and shocked as how many people are affected by dui's After seen this vip I feel now is the time to be more careful and keep going to my aa meetings.
L. Lopez
Great and useful
R. Rivera
This is a very good teaching tool for anyone, who has been involved in or victim to a drunk driver.
C. Hall
It was a real wake up call and a good class!
C. Leykamm
Very interesting and informative. Had a great impact on me.
E. Hess-husky
This was a huge eye opener. I always heard but never realized how one simple drink can change a persons life. Listening to them first hand, really real people and their pain it makes you think. I am glad to of seen this. It should really go to High Schools and Middle Schools.
S. Estrada
I would recommend to others, very informative and worked with my schedule
D. Sulverstein
Yes it was informative.
S. Marteski
This is a very informative program that opened my eyes up to a whole new perspective. It helped me to realize the impact my actions can have on the lives of others, both good and bad.
D. Scott
An eye opening, sobering experience.
N. Delph
Very helpful never drink and drive again in my life
H. Ibrahim
I think this very helpful to people such as myself whom has had a DUI. This a wakeup call on driving impaired and how dangerous it is. Thanks for great testimonials.
E. Brown
The video testimonials have indeed aided to my future decisions of not drinking and driving. They have also inspired me to possible become an advocate.
C. Starkey
This program tells the COMPLETE story.
J. Lake
This experience really opened my eyes to how much drunk driving affects so many different types of situation. I really learned a lot and have a ton of respect for the people who presented their stories.
C. Nelson
Drinking has ruined the majority of my life. My last dui brought me to terms with what could have been. I will always have that in my mind and seeing these people having lost loved ones due to drunk driving makes me think twice and want to never do it again. Thank you.
M. Godbold
Very informative and eye opening.
C. Raesner
Even though noone got harmed in my own incident, I truly understand the what-if consequences of driving a two ton machine while under any sort of influence, weather it be alcohol, other intoxicants, or even low on sleep.
J. Corbett
This is a great course, its 100% lifechanging and heartbreaking. I will never dive under the influence again after watching what these people had to share. Makes me wish I would have never done it in the first place.
Z. Mccartney
It was very enlightening
W. Gardinier
It is a true eye opener and I hope it can reach others as it has reached me.
J. Alms
Made me realize how selfish I had been been drinking and driving and seeing and hearing how lives change forever to innocent people. I have been sober almost 6 months I will never drink again. This was very helpful.
D. Beahm
This is very touching and inspirational program that has convinced me that having one drink is not worth it.
C. Kalz
It made a real difference in my life.
J. Gibson
This is a great way to complete DUI sentencing requirement without driving
G. Koneck
I will never drink an drive again, I learned a lot from this. Thanks.
C. Bounds
Due to the fact that my license to drive is suspended, this website has allowed me to satisfy a condition of probation that otherwise would have been more challenging to complete. It is also a vivid reminder of the inherent danger in drinking and driving. I know that I can never drink again.
R. Mcclendon
Viewing the messages conveyed via this panel has encouraged me to at least start seeking treatment for what I think has the possibility to turn into a problem with alcohol (if I do not already have one). Thank you for the very valuable information.
A. Brown
Thank you very much for having this victims impact panel available for us and I hope and pray that more people start seeing that everyone involved is a victim and all parties lose.
J. Carpenter
Life changing. Truly shows you how much effect drunk driving can have on peoples lives.
T. Tannous
I was brought to tears while watching these videos. Seeing the tragedy that comes out of this actions makes me want to never do this again, and it makes me feel terrible about the decision I made that night.
M. Siler
It really affected me and I cried. I will NEVER drink and drive again! Life is too precious.
C. Puciato
It made me cry and very sad. I am speechlessrn
T. Brewster
I will never drink and drive
I. Bakhsh
First, I'm glad I never hurt anybody when I was arrested. However, this course really hits home about how awful the outcome often will be when someone decides to have a drink and drive.
D. Farrell
I planned on going to panel in person but couldn't find a way. The next one in my area is 6 months away. Site was very helpful and it was not just a waste of my time.
J. Leurquin
This should be something for everyone to watch, for minors who get minor inconsumptions, especially. Maybe stop the young people before they get the chance to get behind the wheel. We all have heart, we all just don't think of what the results might be.
H. Logan
I would like to thank you for putting this impact panel together. I have learned a lot and will never drink and drive again. Thank you
J. Blanchette
It's Great!
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Very helpful
J. Wishert
This has touch me more than anything else I have to go through.
B. Long
This is a great site for people to learn about how people driving under the influence effect lives. I teared up a couple of times listening to the stories of the victims. VIP should be mandatory if it is not already for anyone getting a Drivers License. I thank God that I have not been a victim and that I have not caused a death of another person. I will never drink and drive again and I will do what I can to stop anyone else from drinking and driving.
G. Pape
Fantastic resource, and very moving. All drivers should have to attend a VIP before a license is granted.
S. Knudsen
I was gravely impacted by the gruesome testimonies of the victims in this impact panelrn
T. Tagliente
This is definitely an eye opener for me..... Drinking and driving is truly not worth it. The repercussions are to horrible to even think about making that one bad choice. I will never drink and drive again.
K. Carder
It shows how real the effects of high risk choices like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can be on families and individuals. Truly tough, but needs to be heard.
J. Donaldson Ii
This was very emotional for me, all the stories, i got teary eyed with annie, jim and dj's story... i will never drive drunk again, i am a member in good standing with aa and i will stay sober the rest of my life with help of my higher power.
S. Castilla
This was very inspirational and I will be conveying what I have learned more so with family and friends. Thank you
G. Garza Jr
Good stuff really makes ya think
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It was sad and informative
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Excellent testimonials, powerful.
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It was great experience to watch and learn how drinking and driving effects you others and your family it was very emotional but i took this very serious because i am another to a beautiful boy and i have so much to offer to the world so thank you and grateful you guys this for people to experience and learn thank you god bless
S. Alhanash
The stories shared really make you think how easy it is to be hurt or cause hurt due to drunk driving.
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The site really showed how drunk driving effects the lives of the victims a cab ride home is well worth a life time of pain to yourself and victims.
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This was an enlightening experience and I feel much more passionate about this topic than I did prior.
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Very imformitive you really have to listen and take notes.
M. Kairalla
I would suggest anyone who is going ot get a licence watch these videos before they get the licence. It sure helped me.rn
J. Nikocevic
It opened my eyes on how important ut is to drive sober and how drunk drivers affect victims lives.
D. Mosley
Hearing the stories from the victims has made me realize how serious and dangerous it was for me to get behind the wheel after I had been drinking. To think that I could have caused the pain that they have been through is devastating. Thank you for this program. It has taught me a lot!
E. Lecroy
I learned a lot from this and it made understand that it is not worth it. It is not worth taking someone else's life or my own. Do not drink and drive.
R. Smith
Very informational and touching. I will never drink and drive again!
K. Mccracken
The videos were very unnerving and upsetting. I found myself very moved by the presenters.
C. Jaindl
I found this to be a real wake up call and I hope everyone is paying attention when they watch. A real eye opener
J. Daniels
I thought the the videos were strong enough to get the point across and leave a lasting impact without being overly gruesome and sad. There are obviously more severe cases than the ones in the videos, but i thought they were great examples (considering the situations). I thought the material was easy to understand and of great value.
K. Mahoney
Really moving emotionally to be able to see all of the innocent lives drinking and driving affects. I will never drink and drive again.
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It was very interesting seeing how this has impacted everday people. I will NEVER EVER drink and drive again! This is just terrible and I am saddened for all the losses due to this crime.
J. Nadeau
Sometimes we all make horrible decisions and it saddens me that a lot of innocent people are on the receiving end of these decisions. I have made one of these decisions and now I'm paying for it, as I should. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has put this site together and that shared your stories. It opens eyes and hearts to your pain and loss. Once again, thank you for doing what you're doing and helping people like me never make these stupid decisions again...
D. Cripps
I learned my lesson the hard way & won't do it again..
M. Spaulding
I would take it again every year for the rest of my life as a reminder. Thank you.
A. Mathews
Thank you. I will never drink and drive again.
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i have never once gotten behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and never once been in a accident when i was the driver still to this day no traffic violations or points on my license.
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This site was very very helpful. It really opened my eye to how people lose family to drunk driving
C. Hoagland
Very helpful class
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This was a extreme eye opener for me. You never really think how many people, and their friends and family you may impact by drinking and driving till it could be to late. This video has been an eye opener for me. Thanks to every one who participated in the video, and I am sorry.
R. Garcia
The testimonials where very well put together and were the most universal.
J. Fehlman
The stories told were shocking and hits home. Not only drinking and driving affects you but it has a long lasting impact to those affected.
E. Gomez
You never think of how drinking and driving affects others until you go through a victims impact panel. NEVER again will I drink and drive.
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Eye opening to what happens from lack of planning ahead before drinking and lapse in judgment. The consquences are endless and tragic
C. Jackson
This was an inspirational experience for me, I could relate to some of the victims in the video. This video, as well as other services I have encountered have helped me through this difficult time. Thank you.
A. Vanifatev
I think it is very important for everyone to know how there actions affect everyone around them. Thank you for the eye opening panel.
L. Doyle
Thankyou for the vital infromation it was very helpful.
R. Gooman
I have never realized what i have done until now. putting at risk to all the innocent people out there oblivious to their surroundings.
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Powerful presentation, with a convenient and straight-forward delivery. An excelent compliance option.
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This was a very informative program and now I am truly well aware of the dangers of drinking and driving and the impact that it has on others lives and choose never to risk that ever ,ever again. Thanks for the Knowledge.
K. Bragg
I found this site through a search due to my inability to drive to an in-person impact panel. It is very eye-opening and to the point of the effect that an impaired driver can have on themselves and other individuals and families. My opinion is that the on-line sight is as good of an experience to open someones eyes as an in-person panel.
M. Moore
Tragic!! I will NEVER drink and drive again!!!
T. Smith-white
This experience has cost me a great deal,both financially and emotionally.I'm so grateful noones life was lost due to my negligance.Thank goodness I don't drink.
J. Casebier
Very informative. It is so sad to see the effects of drunk driving. How it effects the innocent lives of victems and their loved ones.
J. Allenbaugh
The whole program was a life changing experience.
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The panels can be very inconvenient to attend and this site has given me a way to get my life back sooner rather than later.
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This is definetely an experience that will change my future decisions when entering a vehicle. I think i was blind to the other side of the effects of drinking and driving and feel selfish in doing so thank you for the experience and sorry for those that it caused... you will be in my memory
T. Pickett
The most informative and eye-opening experience about the dangers of drinking and driving I have ever encountered. It really shines a bright light on what some feel is an isolated problem to what John accurately calls an "epedimic".
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It was very helpful being able to get the experience online. It makes it better to be able to relax and understand the effects our drinking has on us and others.
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Big eye opener if at all possible i would like to help and tell my story.
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Very very insightful. Love it. Keep on doing what you do . Great job.
N. Sama
S. Yun
Exellent program.
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I am very sorry that I drove a vehicle while intoxicated. Now after watching the Online Victim Impact panel, I realize how selfish I was. The stories are so sad, heartbreaking and REAL! That could have been me. I will never drink and drive again!
T. Nelson
Really Had Great stories and gives you something to think about before you ever drink and drive.
K. Pendleton
This was very educational about what could have happened to me and what i could have caused. I hadn't ever planned on making the same mistake again and plan so even less now.
T. Johns
Made me really think hard about my actions. I will never drive while drinking again no matter how little or how much I have had to drink. Thanks for everyone that volunteers for these things.
Z. Bennett
I really like that you can do this from home.The site is great . I just wish i, was not doing it.
D. Williams
Very touching
D. Markou
I would like to say that this experience was absolutely RIVETING!!
F. Kratz
It was very meaningful for me and I realized that it made a very poor decision in my life. I felt that my misbehavior could result in many deaths. I will never do it again.
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This online course wasn't difficult. Just requires your attention. However there was a typo. I will not get behind the wheel. Mostly as this course was a reminder of losing my cousin to drinking and driving.
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It was very impactful!
A. Walters
it was very informational!
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C. Cummings
It was very informative to hear that things like this still happen in our towns. I was going through a tough time in my life and should never have done what I did. I'm back on the right track, stopped drinking, and met someone who is helping me back to what I consider normal. I feel compassion for all the victims and know that something like that could have happened to anyone. So, I'm glad to be putting this behind me and it's an eye opener.
J. Zentner
Makes it easier for a shut-in to complete probation conditions.
D. Porter
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M. Cole